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Are familars super important or can I build my team as I please? (Archived)RichOpal64/13 7:04PM
Ni no Kuni freezing *spoilers maybe* (Archived)meister_dan34/13 5:30PM
Finally got all the Merit Stamps (SCROLL OF TRUTH!!!!!!) and thoughts... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SpaceshipDragon114/12 10:21AM
Is anyone else annoyed by the item delay when you use it and the actual effect? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FinalFantasyForever154/8 5:12PM
Tokotoko Farming (Archived)ParadiseSong24/8 5:07PM
Alternate story theory, major spoilers (Archived)SpaceshipDragon74/8 8:59AM
Is this team OP or flawed? (Archived)ElectricDoodie54/7 8:20AM
party familiars (Archived)ohiei24/6 4:46PM
what is the answer to spoilers (Archived)andreasaspenber84/5 5:23PM
faster atacking familiars (Archived)ohiei44/5 8:04AM
"post game" -spoiler- (Archived)ohiei34/5 6:22AM
Familiar morphing stats (Archived)SpaceshipDragon44/4 11:02AM
Post Game is any fun? (Archived)Tall Guy44/3 6:28AM
New player (Archived)ohiei74/2 7:56AM
One of EVERY monster? (Archived)LotoPhoenixLord33/30 10:43AM
Errand 007 Glitch? (Archived)sashattuck13/24 8:33AM
Post-Game Essentials? (Archived)Tall Guy13/22 1:39AM
I know its been explained a million times on here but help me understand.. (Archived)RPGNinja12333/18 12:26AM
Finally starting this game but translator doesn't work (Archived)RPGNinja12333/17 8:17PM
Early vs Late Bloomers (Archived)HeavensC1oud93/17 7:39PM
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