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Does Ni no Kuni have insultingly SLOOOOOOOOOOW dialog like Dragon Quest 8? (Archived)XFactor1108/29/2012
So this game won't be in stores in US? (Archived)HeyItsZant48/29/2012
What is this wizard edition?? (Archived)Chronux48/28/2012
Is it kind of more for kids? (Archived)gangster4lifeyo98/27/2012
Anyone doing a DQVIII run as we wait? (Archived)
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Can I pre-order this on the 31st? (Archived)765619898/27/2012
Wizards Edition Question (Archived)abnergoinbig58/26/2012
Steelbook picture (Archived)Happygogo98/26/2012
Namco's Store (Archived)LordDarkrai68/24/2012
ninostarter goal 2 is at 48% (Archived)sanji57398/24/2012
Using the other party members outside of battle. (Archived)deathszx88/24/2012
How does this game play? (Archived)
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ATTN Canadians: We will also receive the Wizard's Edition Ninostarter items (Archived)chrono0148/23/2012
Wizard Edition available for Canada on Namco Bandai's store (Archived)
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Where to pre-order from? (Archived)XxGhaleonxX88/22/2012
15 Minutes Of Localized Footage! (Archived)GillianSeed2338/22/2012
Did the DS version have a world map? (Archived)KOTRsss58/22/2012
Does the Wizard Edition ship early? (Archived)Yaoiloverfei48/21/2012
Better with English Dub? (Archived)
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ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY HATE NAMCO BANDAI SO ANGRY srsly (Archived)Bearpowers108/21/2012
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