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Familiar and Equipment questions (Archived)
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So Gallus, The Wizard King and Horace? (SPOLIERS) (Archived)RushFan12345619/5/2014
Umber or WIldwood (Archived)ostradamus49/5/2014
How far am I in the story? <spoilers> (Archived)Nyah59/4/2014
Would you advise going through the game using a party of 9 Full Boars? (Archived)SpaceshipDragon49/4/2014
Can't accept bounty hunts? (Archived)InsanitySoup39/2/2014
Ding Dong Dell, when all was said and done (SPOILERS) (Archived)leonia1929/2/2014
Do giving treats to familiars increase more stats before metamorphose/leveling u (Archived)Fatenekki48/31/2014
Is there any good resource for familiar/trick info out there? (Archived)MightyGeb108/29/2014
this or tales of xilli a??? please no bias answers (Archived)
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looking at the stats spreadsheet... I don't feel so bad (Archived)AshtonRPG738/28/2014
The reason why you keep replaying an RPG no matter how old it is. (Archived)AshtonRPG738/27/2014
So what were they going for with the combat, exactly? (Archived)FancyButts58/25/2014
Holy fried mackeral Batman! *Spoilers* (Archived)Excaliber01028/20/2014
Telling Stone glitch (Archived)Ambrup38/20/2014
Where to go right after you get the boat? (Archived)writtenonclouds88/19/2014
Familar Trophy? (Archived)kishnabe58/17/2014
"Hey Ollie-boy! Wanna hear another joke?" (early game spoiler) (Archived)Nintendo_Porn38/15/2014
Any News for PC/PS4/3DS/VIta Remake? (Archived)draven_sword38/12/2014
Can Shonky Honker use Fire gems or not? (Archived)superstud69x38/11/2014
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