please get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 years ago#1
i hope SIDHE have sat down with a copy of EAs RUGBY 2009 or 08 and learned something about how to make a sports game!!!!! i hate rugby union but the game play is 1000000 times better then any rugby league game that SIDHE have put out there. please make it flow. RL1,RL2 were crap (it doesnt take 20sec to run 100met) and RL3 on the Wii why is it that when your fullback is back in kick defence the AI makes him run away from attacker?? and why Andrew Voss he is a @#$##@ please ask Ray 'rabbits' Warren or those two super league guys that spell out T R Y to do the commentary. PLEASE SIDHE i know u dont have (ea's) budget but comeon i know u guys can do better. im sick of spending my hard earned $ on subpar games. Im a massive rugby league fan and will always buy a rugby league game just give me 1 goodone or give the rights to EA.i even play FIFA i dont soccer but it has good game helped me at 2010 world cup i knew all the player and rules now im a fan.same thing with NBA,NFL.SIDHE has the powerto influence
6 years ago#2

SIDHE aren't making the game....

6 years ago#3
if SIDHE arent makin the who is? i just looked at the screenshot of the cover and my heart sank!!!!
6 years ago#4

TruBlu and i think Big Ant are making it

6 years ago#5
Yeap you are correct, TRUBLU (a.k.a Home Entertainment Suppliers) is publishing it and Big Ant is developing.
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6 years ago#6
Andrew Voss does a great work in commentary, he is one of the main reasons im buying this game.
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6 years ago#7
This game is just as you feared. Pathetic. I'm a passionate Novocastrian and NRL fan but this game is a ported version of 1 and 2.

Even if you "like" Andrew Voss's commentary, you will realise how stale and old it is. I would bet that it is literally the same sound files from the first 2 (including the muffled quality).

When/if you get this game you will realise the problem isn't budget, its just general laziness.

They even made the pace quicker! It only takes 3 seconds now to run the 100.

Don't even attmpt to play an 80 minute version of this game, it was 18-6 after 3 minutes on Hard mode when I tried it out this morning. It is just that .. unprofessionally .. done.

NRL should be ashamed and embarrased to put their name to a game like this. Do NRL heads even look at what they are doing to the game?
6 years ago#8
How have you obtained this game sir?
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PSN :goiterboy07
6 years ago#9
The Game has been released early
6 years ago#10
I actually just watched some gameplay vids then, i know what you mean.
The commentary is as shoddy as before, along with the bricky solid movements of the players etc
Nonetheless i will laugh my ass off listening to the commentary for hours on end.
Beep boop bop. Mini Uzi damage drop? ~ SSTrunks1138
PSN :goiterboy07
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