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this is crap!!!!!!! i have my copy off rugby league live, the first thing i do is go to player rosters and transfer Steve[beaver}Menzies back from bradford bulls to the mighty SEA EAGLES and what do you know RED ANT or SIDHE or TRU BLUE who the @#$#@ they are has removed the only thing that made the rugby league franchise half bearable. NO EDITING PLAYERS OR TEAMS. the state of origin teams are based on 2009. if i want dave taylor to play origin WHY take away my option to choose. you give anthony watmough good handling and passing skills when he one the worst in the nrl and then you make him very slow when he is one the quickest backrowers in nrl.SEE MY RIGHT TO EDIT AND RIGHT YOUR WRONGS!!!!!!!. okay some aspects of the game play are ok. i dont care about the graphics. but why not make a momentim system with quick play the balls you went halfway there with how you changed the tackling. this game is the lazyest one yet. I CANT GET OVER YOU GETTING RID OF THE EDITING THATS $#@%#$^$%&^#$@&#*!!!!!!!!. i cant stress enough a game like this can influence thousands of gamers,even those who dont watch rugby league to follow the game, maybe even go to a nrl/super league game. im going to play this game just to get the trophies which wont long just like every thing else in this game its just plain lazy!!!! PLEASE HAND OVER TO EA SPORTS OR START BURNING FANS FOR LIFE!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY GOT RID OF THE EDITING !@$%!@$#@^%@%&$# .
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have to agree - it's going back to the store tomorrow! Absolute rubbish this one. Such high hopes, but utter tripe!
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Hi guys, this is Brandon9090's brother I am sorry for his foul language. He is upset but it is not his fault he hasn't taken his pill today. He cannot help it. Sorry Rugby League Live and all who is offended. It wont happen again. We have got another month of pills and he has been told off. Sorry.
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Sorry he got on again.