This probably shouldn't be released outside Japan.

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5 years ago#1
I'm not here to troll, so hear me out. I pre-ordered the Japanese version, and I have had a lot of enjoyment from it since then. What makes me say this is just how inappropriate the game feels for this market. The big Yakuza fans will get their money's worth from it, easily. I certainly have no regrets (and it cost me $100 to import it).

1. The controls are a proprietary set up that takes some getting used to. They work, but they feel very unnatural.

2. As production values go, this game doesn't feel like a big-name game, which 3 and 4 did (IMO). The game gives off a very "rushed" vibe, and it feels like a patch-work of ideas.

3. I don't think this will click with Western audiences. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I see it getting poor reviews from critics for its somewhat lower quality, and lots of bashing from users who don't like the gameplay or think it feels cheap.

Yakuza 3 had a lot of momentum behind it because of a controversy surrounding its release, then another round involving cut content. Yakuza 4 came along, but sold less than 3 because of the "OMG! We can't have it!" hype dying off somewhat; fans were still supportive because Sega listened to criticism and left all the extra stuff in this time. I think putting Dead Souls out will cause more damage to the franchise's mainstream appeal and ultimately be more harmful than not localizing it.

Look at it this way: Yakuza 3 was a gift, a last chance olive branch from Sega, and they were rewarded with decent sales. Yakuza 4 was the better game, and did alright, but popularity is seemingly on the decline again. This game will be very polarizing, and make people more wary of 5 if they don't like it, because in all honesty, it's the worst one in the series. Not releasing it will benefit the franchise here in two ways. The first being the "uh oh! They might not release any more here!" hype being reinvigorated. The second thing being that with all of the overhauling and quality workmanship 5 seems to be getting, it will generate more hype. People will panic that it may not arrive, and start petitions and spread the word. The masses always want what they can't have, so that illusion will work in Sega's favor. Then 5 will arrive, following 4's decent value with a huge upgrade. The die-hards will all buy it, but a lot more casuals will too, because it came after a well-received title, and "it almost didn't make it here!"
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5 years ago#2
1. The controls can be adapted to. Plus I heard the U.S. version is going to make the controls more easier to play with.

2.Are you kidding me? This may be a spin off and seperate from the main series but the game doesn't feel no where near rushed to me. It was just the developers having a little bit of fun with their franchise just like they did with Kenzan!

3. "Don't think this will click with Western audiences"? Dude it has zombies in it, Zombie games are kind of a big thing to western gamers. Plus there are a lot of western fans who are looking forward to this ya know, hell check out the Sega forums of the game and you'll see for youself.

Fans will buy the game regardless to support the series, and because there's always something to enjoy in the games. Saying not releasing it here as a scare tactic to bring more hype is just stupid No matter how you may feel about the game there will always be people who will want to play the game and to say not releasing it would be better to increase hype is just an an insult who DO want to play the game in a language they understand.

So in a nut shell all you're saying is just because YOU think the game is of low quality it shouldn't be released in the states. You're dismissed.
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5 years ago#3
1. I always felt like this was over exaggerated personally. Given how simple and linear the actual gameplay/combat is, the controls are fitting. I never had a problem, not even with my very first playthrough of the demo.

2. This I agree with 100%. However, I don't think it was rushed. I just think they... didn't care very much. It's just a game "for fun" (if that makes any sense). I think the amount of content in the game is on par with the PS2 games, if not less. Story mode can be completed VERY quickly as well. With how much reviewers whined about the "dated" look that Yakuza 4 had, I predict there are going to be twice as many complaints this time around. Not only have the visuals and engine remained completely untouched, there is now massive framerate drops scattered everywhere.

3. It will click with some people, won't click with others. I do believe this is a genuinely fun game. There are going to be people that are gonna love it, some of them totally new to the Yakuza series. However, as far as the "zombies are awesome USA!" crowd goes, this game doesn't provide the instant gratification that other mindless zombie shooters do. Exploration and plot are a very big part of the formula still.

The biggest reason this game is going to (sadly) flop in the US is because it's going to be catering to two completely different audiences (RPG/time killer/otaku video game fans and shoot kill explode manly death zombie video game fans). Over in Japan I would assume every gamer knows what they're getting when they buy the new RGG. Here the series is relatively obscure. So when a customer buys the game thinking it might be a fun zombie shooter, and is treated to a terrible TPS (as a TPS the game is terrible, I don't mean the game is terrible overall) with dragged out plot sequences, weird side quests, tedious and time consuming weapon customization systems, un-relatable characters, and bizarre Japanese references everywhere, they're not going to be pleased. They're going to go back to playing Left 4 Dead.

For the record, I am a very big fan of this game and series. I imported the game, waited through the delay, and completed it just like a lot of you. I'm just saying that I think this game is going to be received VERY poorly. Yakuza games have never been received all that well in the west, so I can't imagine the most half-***ed one yet doing any better, but instead a lot worse.
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5 years ago#4
Dingo, chill out. I like this game a lot.

I've owned the game since last June. Have you even played it? As I said, I loved the game, but honestly, saying it's the same production quality as something like Uncharted is stupid, and only an idiot would feel that way. It's not a matter of opinion. Most of the game is a rehash, they just adapted it to include zombies and a few new characters and scenes. I'm not saying guys like you who clearly aren't the mainstream won't love it. I made note of the fans of the series liking it a couple of times. You don't count within a majority, so your point is invalid. It's biased. I'm taking an objective look at the situation economically and sociologically. I was not addressing your demographic, which is clearly not that big considering how low the sales are over here compared to Japan.

It's like anime. There is a loyal following, but it's not something the masses will ever eat up here. Your argument is basically "who cares?!" to everything because you are excited for the game. I can appreciate that, but you'd have to be a complete ignoramus to think what I said is not at least somewhat accurate. Watch the low review scores and sales numbers roll in, and then come here so I can rub your face in it. Don't get me wrong, I hope I am incorrect, and this game does really well. I'm pretty confident it won't. It's like airing a commercial on US airwaves with a guy speaking German in them. There's a bunch of people who would understand it, but many more who wouldn't pay it any attention.
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5 years ago#5
Relax I acknowledge you like the game, pardon me if I was a tad bit aggressive, but you have to understand your statement is really nothing more than you stating a theory over a certain amount of people who you THINK wouldn't pay it no mind, and how YOU feel it would be worth depraving those who DO want to play it. Sega is well aware that the general masses won't eat this game up but they are finally aware that there ARE loyal fans who will purchase the game no matter what, and they seemed satisfied enough with the sells of the previous 2 Yakuza games that they feel we deserve this service.

You shouldn't say that maybe it's best they not release the game in the states just because of this theory you have about mainstream people regardless if it's accurate or not when THERE ARE fans who do want to play the game in English just like there ARE STILL FANS WHO WANT VERY MUCH TO SEE RYU GA GOTOKU KENZAN IN ENGLISH.

Regardless of how this game sells at the end of the day the game can still be fun depending on your preferences and tolerance, No game is perfect and there will always be people who either liked it or disliked it, either way it's money in Sega's pocket and a service to the Yakuza fans. Or is the real reason you're so hesitant about the game's release in the states is because you're afraid that if this game flops in the states that Yakuza 5 won't be released here?????
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5 years ago#6
Yes, with regards to the Yakuza 5 thing at the end of your post. If it is as huge a game as Sega is making it out to be, then localizing it will be a much more expensive process, and coming off the likely low sales of Dead Souls, a very risky proposition.

My point was just that Dead Souls may cause more harm than good by showing up. The same people who want to buy it are the same people who will buy any Yakuza game. I just don't want to see Sega abandon future releases because this one will probably under-perform and leave a bad taste in peoples' mouths. Yakuza 3 sold 170,000 copies here, while Yakuza 4 only sold 90,000 copies. What scares me is the idea of this selling <50,000 copies.

I didn't mean to come off as "the people who want Dead Souls don't deserve it." I just think it's a case of cutting off the cancerous tissue to stop it from spreading. There's no way Dead Souls will sell as well as Yakuza 4, zombies and all. I really do not want Sega to look at the diminishing returns from one game to another, and give up on the west. Namco-Bandai and Capcom are more profitable companies, and they've cut a few franchises off the localization roster that sell better than Yakuza.

In no way am I saying this game won't be fun to people. I'm saying that western audiences (outside of the serious Yakuza fans) probably won't like it as much as Japanese gamers. I'm saying the sales won't be there, especially with all of the big stuff arriving in March.
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5 years ago#7
Wow cyborg I absolutely agree with you. If this games low sales stop Yakuza 5 from being released stateside, i'm gonna be pissed. >:(

Thing that sucks though is we cant do anything to stop it from coming out. I'm so sick of these zombie themed games. Never thought i'd see Sega do it as well...
5 years ago#8

I understand the points that the topic creator has made, but at the same time denying the game to fans of the series outside Japan is a pretty unfair thing to do. It's bad enough that we didn't get Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan released in English, so regardless if this spin-off is popular outside Japan or not I think that fans of the series are entitled to be able to play it in a langauge they can understand. Besides there will be plenty of chances for Sega to make the series popular again in the future.

5 years ago#9

thanks for the dialogue, it's good to hear it.  As a longtime big Yakuza fan (I even imported both 3 and 4 ahead of time, since I wanted to play them before usa release dates), I'm kind of skeptical about this new one.  I AGREE with the points that this is trying to go after two completely different audiences.   Zombie-shooters like Dead Island and Resident Evil, are different entirely from immersion-environment games like the Yakuza series.  

When playing Yakuza games, I want to be immersed in the environment of AUTHENTIC Japan (either modern or in the past).... that's Why I buy them.  It's realistic environments, restaurants, hostess bars that are why I like Yakuza games.   Having something totally off the wall like blasting zombies seems like an "Epic Fail" attempt.   Who wants to go talk up hostesses and go to bars and massage parlors and karaoke, then have that mixed up with shooting zombies' heads off?  Fail.   I think they're trying to appeal to zombie-shooter fans and in so doing may miss the mark with us Yakuza fans.

Good to see the franchise still alive, though I'd MUCH rather have seen new Yakuza's more in line of having pretty women, like DOA Beach Volleyball, combined with Yakuza seaside, or stuff like that... not shooting up zombies.  And Yakuza's always been a brawler with fists, not shooting anyways, so that's a miss on another level.  I'll still buy it, but I'll wait til it gets down to $29 or so.

make sense?

5 years ago#10

Personally I'm a fan of both zombie shooters and authentic Japanese culture, so this game is like a combination of my two favorite things which is why I'm looking forward to it. :P

I admit it probably won't be the best game in the series, but it's really just a spin-off and should be treated as such.

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