Ayase Route, Kirino Another Route, and Ayase+Kirino Imouto EX events Translation

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For someone interested, I made a summary for my favorite routes. Ayase full route, one of Kirino's Another Story If Route, and Ayase plus Kirino story from Ore no Imouto Maker EX. I might be missed some details or got error in some parts since my Japanese and memory wasn't that bright, lol.

Here's the link:
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Forgot to write these details when I first wrote the summary for Ayase route.

- First time Ayase asked Kyousuke why Kirino doesn't want to go home with her, it was because Kirino is playing Siscalypse game, because there will be Siscalypse tournament coming up. The second time, it was because Kirino wants to play the new version of Sis x Sis, I think XD

- When Kyousuke decided to bought souvenir for Ayase on his school trip to Kyouto (this happen on common route, so I didn't include it on the summary above ^^), Manami asked if Kyousuke and Ayase are friends, because Ayase always told Manami about Kyousuke's bad, hentai habit. Like when he sexual harassed Ayase, when he told Ayase that eroge is the proof of Kyousuke and Kirino's love, etc. Kyousuke was shocked because she didn't know Ayase will told Manami that stuff XD

- When Kyousuke suggested Ayase to play eroge together, off course Ayase didn't want to at first and said "Hentai! I'll arrest you for that!". But in the end I think Kyousuke suggested the safe version of Sis x Sis. After a while and Ayase looks interested on the game (especially Rinko, since she resembled Kirino), Ayase asked, "Onii-san, there's a R-18 version of this game, right?" and now Kyousuke said what Ayase said, "Uwaa, hentai! I'll arrest you for that!"

- Kuroneko's circle name on the summer comicket is Lonely Cat.

- After the confrontation of Ayase and Kuroneko, Ayase asked Kyousuke what's his relationship with Kuroneko. When Kyousuke said that Kuroneko was "my dear junior" and "Kirino's best friend", Ayase changed to her yandere looks, but when Kyousuke said that Kuroneko was just his friend, Ayase looks relieved and happy :3