First week Impressions.

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4 years ago#1
Ok after the first few days with the game here is what I have noticed.. The community is larger now and the quality of caliber matches has gone up. Advanced tactics are common place now, with many players having pretty good grasp on the flow of each maps tactics.

You still run into a fair amount of players who do not have a perfect sense of squad formation/tactics, but by the end of a loss or about the middle of a 4 player match most new players quickly realize what is working and what is not. Rematches turn into very interesting situations with players since many will mimic what they saw before they get their own style of play, resulting in you learning how to beat your own tactics, making yourself better in the process.

Ranked matches seem to be where most of the action can be found. With no numbers to back it up, only personal experience, i would say the number of matches that can be found in ranked at any given time is 0-3. Players matches I would say 0 to 2. It takes 5 seconds to 5 mins for the average player to connect.

Between the hours of noon to 4 am eastern time zone your looking at little delay when hosting a match. 30 seconds is the average wait time. After 4 am til noon youll wait 2-10 mins.

The community itself seems to be pretty positive, Most will give you the standard good game, many adding a personal message commenting on it being fun, them winning luckily/lamely, and a new favorite "i saw you on game faqs". Most just want to learn, be tested, and try to win.

There are a handful of griefers, taking advantage of certain situations. The worst would be people not taking their turn on a match without time limits. This can be avoided by seaching custom games for a match with a time limit, or hosting with a time limit. 60 seconds seems to be what most players host with. 60 seconds is enough time to react to new situations, new players can sometimes be pressured with 60 seconds, but most people need 15 to 45.

The next thing to be wary of is people suckering you into 20 second matches. They are fine and manageable in 1 on 1 situations, but defensive style player can use this to force other teams into wasted turns and poor assault choices due to being rushed. Even worse in 4 player matches if you need to advance two units who arent in the same area it becomes a very messy situation demanding near perfect movement to use all 5 unitsin one turn.

The next thing would be ranked matches, and how the game tracks them. The game only seems to count if either, the opposing player was clearly going to lose before he quits, or stays in the game until the loss. Finishing a game you clearly going to win, will net you one more win on the leaderboards. Finishing a win where the opponent quit before you clashed or let a certain numbers of turns pass, does not count.

In a 4 player ranked match the winning player MUST have at least 1 other human player connected to the game still. Same with 3 player mode. If the opponent disconnects before the kill shot, you will not get credit. Try to kill computer generals first to encourage people to stay til the end to avoiding losing the chance at a ranked win.

If you are playing ranked and have clearly lost/have to go/lost the will to play, throwing your general at them ito speed up your loss than to quit the match.
4 years ago#2
Anything you can say about Async play? dont seem to see many poeple talking bout that for some reason.
4 years ago#3
I personally have never caught an async game myself. I do hope to see what it is about soon.
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