Thinking of getting this. Is it as hard as Rayman 1?

#1SpiegaPosted 3/27/2012 1:46:41 PM
First of all, let me just say I loved Rayman 1 and 2 on PS1, but the difficulty of the first game is really off putting any time I feel like playing it. I don't think I've ever come close to beating it, and I'd go as far as to say its the hardest game I've ever played in my life.

Is this game that difficult? I'm not saying I want it to be easy, but I just don't want it to be so hard that I cant finish it.
#2TroutfischPosted 3/27/2012 4:23:46 PM
Can't comment if it's as hard as Rayman 1, but Origins' difficulty has been exaggerated.

Beating the levels isn't all that difficult, due to unlimited continues and generous checkpoints (not to say there isn't some challenge mind you). The tough part is collecting all the electoons and doing speed runs.

Don't make the mistake many have - if you are a fan of 2D platforming Rayman Origins is a must-have.
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#3The_Shadow_LinkPosted 3/27/2012 5:23:07 PM
The Challenge more comes from difficult level designs, mainly in the last few worlds, treasure chases and espicially the bonus level. Than getting booted back to the start screen due to running out of lives and continues.

I can't vouch for how hard it is just to get through each level as fast as possible. But if you are gathering as many electoons as possible to unlock the treasure chest stages and eventually the bonus level. The game will get challenging at the end. Just be glad you aren't stuck on a life limit. Restarting everytime you ran out of lives in that bonus level would suck.
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#4Hotel_SecurityPosted 3/30/2012 8:26:23 PM
From what I've read, Origins isn't nearly as hard as Rayman 1. It's supposedly tougher if you want to get 100% of everything but maybe not as much if you just want to complete it.
#5DarkPhoenix852Posted 4/8/2012 8:52:05 AM
NOOO lol Rayman 1 gives you limited continues. I made it to the last boss and loss too many lives and had to start over.
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#6EronamanthiusPosted 4/14/2012 3:48:17 AM
Easy to pick up, hard to master.
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#7Christopher BelmontPosted 4/15/2012 9:56:35 AM
To this day I've never beaten Rayman 1... Can get to the mountain world and that's it. The damn music stage is hard enough. :D
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#8Hotel_SecurityPosted 4/19/2012 9:20:44 AM
I made it to the last boss and loss too many lives and had to start over.

Yeah, that's a big part of it. Especially since you have to ration lives and even if you're about to beat a level, if you lose too many lives in that level, it's best to reset and try it again. Perfecting the levels is easily the worst part of it. Strangely, the final bosses weren't that hard.