I think I am a victim of this glitch!

#1masked_yazooPosted 8/28/2011 4:32:59 AM
I recently installed a new hard drive for the 360, and began playing my game on the fourth run. When I finished the game, it goes directly on the press start screen where the game ask you what storage device would you use, at that time I accidentally picked the new storage device, which the game automatically ask for new name for a new playthrough, I successful cancelled it and pick the original storage where my game file is but then the game ask me again to write a new name! I keep canceling but It won't do, I give up and accept the default then when I am about to look my free mode (the one below the new game) all of my attires and accessories are gone, and so as the unlock able characters. What bad is, when I decide to check at my Produce File, the game automatically saves! I forgot the auto-save function whenever you exit the menu. DAMN, Now I start from scratch.
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