Zone 4: Fight District Review

#1SudKingPosted 7/25/2010 8:46:33 PM
This game is an MMO fighting game that incorporates some of the aspects of an MMORPG and is overall a very fun game. It plays in a rock, paper, scissors fashion similarly to most fighting games where the guard beats a punch, a grab beats a guard and a punch beats a grab. The unique thing about this game is that instead of guarding, you go into an evasive state where you will avoid all the enemy's punches and kicks and counter them. You can sometimes even counter grabs although it is quite rare and tricky to do which keeps it balanced. You start by deciding on the appearance of your character (big or small, male or female, hair color etc.) Then you must pick either the Street class or the Rush class which essentially determines what kind of a fighting your are. The Street class is focused on defeating your enemy with different punches and kicks. The Rush class on the other hand concentrates on defeating the enemy with powerful grabs and holds. As you level up, you will eventually be able to upgrade your class to a different fighting technique. The Street class upgrades to either Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, or Capoeira. The Rush class upgrades to either Pro Wrestling, Judo, Sambo or Hapkido. Although there aren't that many classes to choose from, Each class is unique enough to keep this game from getting too dull. In the shops, you can purchase clothes that add stats to your character. Certain clothes can only be bought at certain levels and will add more stats than the lower level clothes. To upgrade the stats of your clothes, you can also equip orbs which can be obtained in various ways throughout the game. This can sometimes make it hard for low levels to fight high levels but the added stats don't make that big of a difference.

If you get bored of fighting against players, you can instead work together in the arcade. The arcade is similar to, well, an arcade. You work together to take on multiple enemies and eventually a boss. The inclusion of team attacks and double attacks makes the gameplay much more exciting. With team attacks, you and one of your party members can simultaneously attack an enemy causing major damage and making your feel like you're actually working together. Double attacks make it so that it isn't impossible to attack when multiple enemies surround you. It lets you take two enemies and also deal major damage. Both of these techniques are easy to do and very rewarding. By going through arcade, you can get special clothes which aren't available in the shop as well as Zen (the games currency) and experience.

There is one move in the game which can be a blessing and a curse as well as drastically change the tide of battle. This is the "E" skill. It not only kills someone instantly but if there is a group of people, it will kill anybody unlucky enough to be in it's hitbox. The fact that it takes your whole SP bar to use is one of the things keeping this from being completely unfair. Fortunately, if you are in an invulnerable state (using a different skill that takes SP, in a hold, double attack, team attack, using certain items) you will be saved from it's wrath. There is an item called "Reflect" which can send the damage from this move right back at the user but then again there is also an item that amplifies it's power automatically "Meteor Striking" and killing everyone on the opposing team. The only reason it can truly be called fair is because everyone can use this deadly technique.

All in all, this is a great and addicting game with the potential to be attract not only fans of fighting games but also fans of RPGs. There are few things that limit this game other than the lack of classes and unpredictability of the "E" skill.