ZzArrow's Zone 4 Review

#1xxjimbo04xxPosted 8/4/2010 11:15:20 PM
Zone 4: fight District was quite interesting for a fighting game. The idea of a fighting game that was based off of real life fighting styles gave me the impression that this new incoming game was going to be similar to another game called "Rumble Fighter" hosted by OGPlanet as well. Surprisingly both games may in fact have some similar feature but very minimum. I would have to say Zone 4 had a different feel to it as you play through the game. The movement was much different and a little difficult to grasp until after a few games and you start to get the hang of it. As well as different specials like the "E" button special that was a very powerful blow that could easily K.O. an enemy in 1 shot, which I thought was cheap of course at the beginning but as I progress through the game I find ways to avoid the deadly special skill. The fighting styles of course all have their different and each has their own unique way of being strong. It really depends on the player's play style so choose wisely.

The PvP matches are quite enjoyable, love the team battles the most since it allows team play helping one another or even creating team combos. Only negative I would have to point out would be the arguing among teammates over team kills or anger from team to team due to loses or wins, but that's part of PvP gaming so it can't be helped. Single player is another PvP mode that allows players to fight in an all free-for-all battle which must have all players on alert since anything can happen. You never know when 2 people might team against you since their acquaintances or another person just waits and steals kills when the chance comes, but again these are features players must overcome so reach the top in PvP. Lastly would be the unique PvP mode which I can't remember the name of the mode off the top of my head but I believe it was called Monster Survival. This mode is quite unique that requires each team to defeat all the AI enemies until the last wave of enemies. I'm not very fond of this mode since everyone would go for the meteor item which gives the player an AOE skill that does high damage to all enemy units (I'm still wondering myself if that skill even has a radius to its damage). That's pretty much about it for the PvP mode and I just noticed how much I wrote on it so ill stop and continue on about the other game features.

The next feature would be the arcade modes, which in fact has 2 different kinds of mode. There's the regular arcade mode which is basically like most arcade mode games that allows 1-4 players to fight AI enemies as they advance through stages to reach the boss, which ends with exp, money, and a nice chest with an item for each player. I enjoy the arcade mode and enjoy playing through with other players. What I dislike about it is the lack of exp and money gain and if you lose in between the arcade you and your teammates don't receive any exp/money, but then again I'm just greedy like that so I can't blame the creators on that. My favorite feature to Zone 4 would have to be the Hunting Arcade. It takes 1-4 players to a battle stage with AI enemies which the players are free to grind there heart out, well until after their 3 deaths then they will be force to leave the stage (unless a teammate is willing to use one of their life points to revive you). What I like about this mode would be the fact that it gives out the feeling of it being not just a fighting game, but a RPG game as well. This allows players to have many different features to play. Well that's pretty much it with the game play I would have to say. There's also other fun features to check out like the game village that allows players to interact with each other to sell/trade/purchase items from players or NPCs, digging for items in the village, chatting with your friends, creating guilds, items in game battles, and much more which is way too much for me to include in this review so I recommend you to check out this game to find out for yourself.

Well this is the end of my review pretty much. I would like to apologize for my misspelling and grammar mistakes if any and give a big thanks anyone that has spare their gaming time to read my review. This is ZzArrow hoping to see you in Zone 4 (ign: zzarrow) or any other game you that I might be playing at the moment =].

Check out the game at: http://zone4.ogplanet.com/