Best way to build a mage?

#1deathsaber79Posted 4/26/2011 10:24:05 AM
So I have my guy about level 14 now in the island area where i recruit guys for my battle tower.

The game has been fairly easy thus far as I just keep back well out of melee range and nuke away, which worked great except for the first boss 2 hit killing me with explosive arrows- whom I finally defeated after about 30 tries after a lot of luck and some guerilla tactics hiding behind a pillar.
This difficulty has me concerned regardign my build though, and his overall survivalability.

Thus far, each level up- I have basically always put a point into intelligence, spirit, vitality, and the fourth usually either intelligence again, or occasionally strength.

Skills I've basically just put into magic missile, magic blast, mana efficiency, and now destruction just became available which I plan to work on. My focus is to keep these four as maxed as possible for my level, although I put two bonus points from a quest into lockpick, just so some of those chests could be opened.

I'm mostly concerned with my stat point allocation I even bother with Strength or Dexterity here to improve defences to melee/ranged attacks, or should I just go full on with intelligence and occasional spirit/vitality.

Any advice or thoughts from other magically inclined players is appreciated as I understand I'll get my battle tower soon, which I hear will allow me to respec if i want.

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There's another thread on this topic on this page.
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For a battle mage..

Not what I'm going for here. I want to build the guy with the best Nukes possible, but survivalable enough to beat the game as handily as possible.
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No, there's a regular mage topic too.
Just another when the wild wind blows
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