help, have question

#1VortimousPosted 1/18/2011 1:26:06 PM

Is there any way you can call in more vehicles like you can in EM 3 and 4? It seems that the only ones you get to use for the missions are the ones provided... and I am on mission 4 where the fires are breaking out in the city and you have no water.... you only have 3 docs and I cant seem to figure out if you can call in more... DId they take this feature out of the game? If so, that really sucks....

Anyone know?

#2LibertyCityFIBPosted 2/9/2011 5:20:38 PM
They have removed the ability to call in other units during campaign missions, perhaps to make the game more challenging. In the level that you are on with all the fires though, the objective is not to put out the fires but to rescue all people before the fires reach them. The mission is challenging, and as you only have 3 doctors to tend to patients, i would recommend getting the hurt people out of the danger zone for treatment first thing before starting to rescue people who do not require medical attention. The reasoning for that is in this game you cant let too many people die or you will fail the mission, and with only three doctors its hard to keep up. As the mission progresses more people will get sick or hurt so a vital part of the mission is to give treatment and get the people to the hospital as soon as you possibly can. Hope this helps.