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6 years ago#1
See everyone recommending this, so I thought I might pick one up, just wanted to know that you have full control with it like the dualshock, and I heard that HAT/POV is awkward with it, how is it controlled on the joystick?. Never used a joystick before and not sure what to expect.

And also can it be customized so you can move buttons around?

6 years ago#2
I would say the dualshock sticks are very sensitive not really awkward.
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6 years ago#3
pretty sure there is no button customization for any controller. I have the Saitek Aviator for my 360 and it works perfectly for this game and I hear it does for the PS3 too.
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6 years ago#4
sorry I meant awkward with the joystick
6 years ago#5
It is confirmed that this joystick works fully with the ps3 version? Has anyone used it with this game?

I'm thinking of picking the stick up (just ordered the game) but want to make sure the stick is what I am looking for before I throw down the cash.

The dualshock controls in the demo seemed pretty responsive (I played on realistic). Is the stick really going to add THAT much?
6 years ago#6
Works great with the game, only problems I have found

1. When using the 30mm cannon in white/black heat the controls for moving the cross-hair is not as sensitive as the dualshock and you can't make those fine adjustments, but getting use to it helps, and that it is not like an analog stick where you can move it around completely if that makes sense, it does Up, Up and Right, Right, Right and Down, Down, ect (8 way directional pad basically)
2. The zoom is mapped to a button so you have 0% zoom or you press the zoom button and get 100% zoom and not like the L2 or R2 on the Sixaxis so you can't press it and get the zoom you want like 50% for example.

But I am not sure if there is some way to get around these issues. And also you may have to get used to using one if you end up buying one, I have only used it playing free flight and the first training mission so I am not sure how it handles when shooting and evading lots if enemies, hope this helps.

FaxModem2000 has also done a comparison between this stick and another,
6 years ago#7
Have not used the Hotas X for this game, but it really depends on the game. IL-2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey was awesome with the Hotas X...nice cardinal point lookaround with the hatswitch, great functionality and intuitive layouts. But Hawx 2 drove me back to the regular controller, as the game seemed to factor in flight sticks as an afterthought. The stick itself was only about $40 shipped, and IMHO well worth it. Just gotta get a title that takes sticks into account from the get go, as a serious flight game, and not just a break from MW2 or Black Ops.
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6 years ago#8
Thanks for the responses. I think I am going to hold off on buying the joystick until I play the game and feel I need something more. The controller was pretty accurate for everything I needed. I am not a hardcore sim gamer so I prefer playing in third person and I'm not sure the stick would add much.

Thanks for the info. Look for me online for co-op

PSN: CrybabyNihilist
6 years ago#9
Wow...did NOT know that was you, CrybabyNihilist! Go figure...yeah, we've gotta get that Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising session together soon, if I can persuade Xeg and Jisaku to get off Tomb Raider for a bit. Usually spend the weekends with the gf, but good to play M-F in the evenings, somewhere around 8 to 10 Central US time, my scheduled leave time from work varies over the week. If you'd like, we can do up two player, as long as you are the leader...

...and, from the looks of it, WILL get this game. Can give you better review of Hotas X performance soon, heck, we'll probably be playing together anyway. Should have it today, and be up on it this week, if you want to look out for that. Really, man, if you like flight stuff, get IL-2 Sturmovik BOP and a Hotas X. Set the game to have NO HUD, target callouts, etc...basically nothing they didn't have back then, and play from cockpit view. Awesome sim type play then. Think I got my Hotas X online at Office Max, was about $40 all told. Very picky myself, but happy with the stick, has no rudder pedals, but the throttle has a pretty smooth toggle on the front, and also a lockout-able twist action on the control stick itself will do the same. And, it can be taken apart to locate the throttle area off to the side and have the stick centered, although leaving it together makes for good lap stability. See ya 'round : )
What did they make you say at the mental health judge?
6 years ago#10
Thanks for the recommendation on for the stick. I played the seriously flawed demo of IL-2 and got turned off. I'll look at picking it up used now though. A buddy (possibly 2) and I were looking at playing some flashpoint Wednesday night about 11 PM eastern and we'd love another player. We will probably do a level or two on experienced difficulty and then move it up to hardcore.

Back to Apache, I ordered the game on Friday and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I think I am going to hold off on the flight stick for now but maybe it'll be an impulse buy after some helicopter sim. What times M-F are you generally on? I'm on late most nights but might be able to adjust to your schedule. Let me know over PSN.
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