Anybody still playing this game?

#1fatboy838Posted 4/26/2011 12:48:01 AM
I had this in my stash of 'to play' games, thought i'd pull it out and give it a whirl as PSN is down. Thank goodness i did, its addictive! been on it a few days now, using the realistic controls.

i've just been playing the free missions.

i love the attention to detail in the modelling of the helicopter. minor gripes are in the replays after firing the hellfires, they are still hanging on the pylons!

Also the Hind helicopter doesnt retract its undercarriage when in flight unlike the real thing. minor gripes, loving it so far.

also took a squeeze at the credits! LOL, u can play as the gunner while the helicopter is flying through the credits! That's a nice little touch from the developers of this game. The love and attention they paid to this game shows!