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6 years ago#1

I'm having a really strange problem and can't get this game to work.

I have been playing many game including Crysis, Just Cause 2 and Empire: Total War with no issues so far (I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770)

But every time I launch this game, the screen goes black, and then I get a message saying 'Input Not Supported'...

My screen resolution is 1280x1024, but no matter what I do, the game just won't show on my monitor.

Any ideas why?
6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem eventually.

Just in case anyone else has this issue, I solved it by:

-Right clicking 'Alien Swarm' on steam and going on 'Properties'
-Then 'Set Launch Option'
-Typed '-sw' (without the ' ') so it starts in windowed mode
-Then from there, I changed the display option to my resolution through the game menu.

I know for many this would of been the obvious thing to do, but I'll mention it anyway.
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