E Ryu/O Akuma movesets?

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User Info: The_DarkDragon

6 years ago#1
Topic title says all

User Info: Audard

6 years ago#2
All the same as Ryu.

Cept for his Swinging Over Head Stomp which is

d, df, f, k

his super is

lp, lp, f, lk+hp

he also has teleport
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User Info: The_DarkDragon

6 years ago#3
Thank you.

Thought it looked like he had another. Oh well. Still thank you.

User Info: Johnehbon

6 years ago#4
Oni Akuma

Fireball - QCF -P
Red Fireball - HCB -P
Running Slash - QCF -K
Chop - DP -K ( Forward,Down,Down-Foward - Kick)
Uppercut - DP -P
Air Strafe - QCB - P (In air only)

Super - Raging Demon (Both Ground and Air)
lp, lp, f, lk, hp

Ultra 1 - Meido Gohadou (Projectile)
QCF, QCF - PPP (Air and Ground)
QCF, QCF - KKK ( Anti-air Crossup (Shoots fireball directly above Oni when on ground) much like blanka's shout of earth anti-air.)

Ultra 2 - Tenchi Sokaigen (Ground Slam)

Notable Unique Attacks -
F - HK
F- HP (Does a tonne of damage and can negate fireballs)
F - MK

Well that's the most I could work out after being at the arcades for like 3 days playing Oni, hope this helps to anyone who reads =)

User Info: AlejoVolta

6 years ago#5
Thanks, I'm about to hit up a local arcade to try out these characters.

User Info: GuideToTheDark

5 years ago#6
A shoto that can practically ignore fireballs, huh? That should be fun.
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