Loot Spreadsheets - Palace of the Dead, Pirate's Graveyard, San Bronsa

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That, and a FAQ should totally be made with this information.

Awesome work, and thanks!
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J_Dawg_ posted...
Should we try to sticky this?

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It got sticky!
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Magnificent and about time too, thank you to all those who went thru the trouble of getting this together, the trials you went thru must ve been harder then the luv Catiua was holding back towards Denam to compile all of this data
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Thanks, everyone!
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Yeah. Its stickied!
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On a trip to the crafting topic, I noticed that three recipes had screenshot locations and added them to the PotD spreadsheet. Thanks to DrakkaKorin for the screenshots!

Also, someone let me know if it saved.
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probably a stupid question, but, what does the colour mean? is it drop rate related?
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No, it's just for ease of use. Yellow is rare/unique, purple is Glass Pumpkins, blue is crafting recipes, and orange is translations that I haven't verified yet.
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Woo, sticky!
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