Loot Spreadsheets - Palace of the Dead, Pirate's Graveyard, San Bronsa

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Bottom left.
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Damn, man. They just keep dropping cards. Are the Krakens in Cape randomly placed on specific tiles or is it a random pattern? The reason why I ask this question is, the Kraken I'm aiming for is a yellow Kraken. I believe this Kraken is on (16,4) from the very start, before he moves. Hopefully the yellow lone Kraken isn't randomly placed on other tiles in the beginning of the fight - Or is that yellow Kraken always (16,4)?
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The monster MUST correspond to their level as well for a random drop?
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Argh! The Yellow Kraken dropped a Darkscale Tome. It went up a level. 27. I didn't notice until later. DAMN!
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The monster will usually (but not always) be that level at minimum. If it starts on the square indicated in the spreadsheet, it has the item you're looking for. Chariot is your best friend.
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Sorry if this question has already been asked.

I just want to know if there are level specific drops in PotD. Do I need to be at specific levels to get certain things to drop?
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The answer appears to be no, with the possible exception of the scrolls dropped by Nybeth's summoned wraiths.
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Thanks then, I guess I can safely venture through there for a month or longer to get every single item. I'll probably get the spells in another run through in Chaos.
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ok, i need to know the drop % on the 4 wind god weapons getting pissed off when they dont drop at all and spending hours into killing them. The problem is that im lv 48 is it the lv difference or just takes insane amount of runs? Right now trying to get Zephyros the spear, so if anyone have answers lmk.
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I don't know if there's any particular drop rate associate with anything. People tend to have the most trouble with the Daedalus things. I've never had a problem with the Wind God Weapons myself.