Loot Spreadsheets - Palace of the Dead, Pirate's Graveyard, San Bronsa

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Col_Mobius posted...
I don't know if there's any particular drop rate associate with anything. People tend to have the most trouble with the Daedalus things. I've never had a problem with the Wind God Weapons myself.

hum what lv did you get the wind god weapons i try to do it on CODA Ep 2, also what method did you do if the monster didnt drop would you retreat and come back again or just reload?
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Screenshot of Walitas hammer guy in PotD:

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Nathalork rockcoat is drop by kraken on (12,10). not (12,12)
Oblah, Fear him (>_<)'
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Question on the loyalty under Notos and Euros is that your enemies loyalty or your over all loyalty when you kill them since im little mixed up on it when you have those on your sheet.
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Enemy loyalty.
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Col_Mobius, you sir, are my hero. Just made this account today, and one of the first things I wanted to do is give you my thanks for these spreadsheets. Thank you!
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BahamutTiamat posted...
Nathalork rockcoat is drop by kraken on (12,10). not (12,12)

Are you sure about that? I don't seem to be able to get a Kraken to even spawn at that location.
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Okay, I have just confirmed that the (neutral aligned) Kraken that spawns on (12,12) in fact DOES drop the coat. I am not going to register a google account just to change that in the spreadsheet, so please, anyone who can, add this information!
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I got it, thanks.
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First post

Just want to say thanks to all the people who contributed in this and making it available to everyone.. especially to the author Mobius. Very very useful data. i cannot imagine getting some of the items w/o this drop table.

Just finish the game a few days ago and now using world feature to redo my chaotic path (i didn't continue with the CODA), this time, i will try to get azelstan and cressida and will most probably try to do Pirates Grave (i saw lots of nice equips and crafting manuals in the drop table