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4 years ago#71


News of the Dark Knights at Krysaro had caught our attention as we visited the Almorica region. Once more, we became witnesses to yet another scuffle between our opponents. With the aid of the now reformed Sherri, we were able to capture the lady knight known as Ozma and interrogate her ties with Hobyrim. After listening to his confession regarding the circumstances that led to his blindness, Ozma was persuaded to defect to our side. An enemy she may have been, this dame may be the key in delivering justice to the Dark Knights.
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4 years ago#72


Upon visiting the hometown of our leader, all of us had been surrounded by headhunters hired by the Bakram. Under their employ was that vagabond Xapan whose life we saved back at Qadriga. Like most men of greed and fame, he tried to steal away our right to live only to kneel down begging like the destitute dog that he was after tasting utter defeat. As penance for his transgression, he was made a reserve member of our prestigious order on the spot. That man certainly has the devilís luck, for now.
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4 years ago#73
Looking good... Almost done for the main game..
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4 years ago#74
gemeni_ano posted...
Looking good... Almost done for the main game..

Yes, indeed. At this point, I'll be focusing more on the main event battles from here on out.

The Vanessan Way


The Order of the Bloody Monks has come a long way ever since its formation after the first liberation of Almorica Castle. And now that our true purpose has been made clear, it was time for us to take action by liberating both Catiua and Barnicia. The Bakram troops guarding the Vanessan Way were unaware of our current goal save for the fact that we were their sworn enemies. It was a bloody fight like any other, but most of it came from the opposing faction. The road to Barnicia was now decorated with blood the color of roses.
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4 years ago#75
Lambiss Hill


The tall hills on this side of the island were a vast contrast from the flat plains of Tynemouth Hill. But unfortunately, the picturesque scene was spoiled by the presence of the enemy army and their scaled pets. Dragons and the like where of no concern for us as each one fell quickly to our explosive might. Even the winds that howled across the hills felt like a mild breeze trumpeting our victory over these dragon-themed knights. Whatever niche they have in mind, none can stop us from completing our mission.
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4 years ago#76
Tzorious Field


What greeted us beyond the tar pits was a dark-skinned man accompanied by soldiers of the Holy Lodissian Empire. Other than his skin color, his choice of garment made it seem as if he hailed from another land besides Lodis. His movements in combat were graceful like a butterfly but agile like a wasp. Our conflict against this one was far from perfect, yet it yielded in our success. Unfazed by his eventual defeat, the man quickly tarried off the battlefield where Barnicia was nearby.
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4 years ago#77
Gates of Barnicia


More templars of Lodis blocked our path once we reached the castle walls. They hurled arrows, large stones, magic, and other kinds of projectiles right at us. But for us, there was no greater joy than to overcome a barrage of deadly hits and deliver a counterattack to end all counterattacks. Slowly but surely, we tore off bits of their ironclad defense until nothing was left. The ground was adorned with corpses as the order continued to perform its grisly handiwork in the name of peace.
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4 years ago#78
Barnicia Courtyard


As most of us went upon the courtyard, we saw Tartaros and the leaderís sister taking leave inside the castle. Fortifying this part of the construct was Barbas, a large gorilla of a man if there ever was one. One couldnít help but wonder if this man had orcish blood running in his veins. Though his demonstration of the fusil device was amusing, his attempt in turning us to pulp was far from praiseworthy. The man even had the nerve to turn tail once the battle went against his low expectations.
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4 years ago#79
Barnicia Grand Staircase


Inside the castle walls, we raised arms against Tartaros and his men who did not expect our arrival. With Catiua nowhere in sight, all of us were free to muster whatever energy we had left to dominate those accursed templars. The one-eyed knight commander was no slouch in battle, but even he grew fatigued from our assaults and eventually chose his own safety over that of his so-called tool. After a tearful reconciliation with Catiua, we rushed to Phidoch were she declared her intent to liberate Heim, the capital of her blood father. The final chapter of this war was about to reach its climax.
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4 years ago#80
Iorumza Canyon


Judging from the looks plastered on the face of our opponents, the Bakram Army has almost been brought down to its knees. Ever since Catiua came back to our fold, the number of Bakram soldiers loyal to Brantyn lessened considerably. Nonetheless, the foes we faced here were far too honorable to defect even for the sake of those close to them. Upon rendering the octopi as floating carcasses, we traversed down the stream where the enemy units kept their ground. We gave them a swift death fitting for their bravery and foolishness.
"Without love, it cannot be seen." - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
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