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4 years ago#1
Are there any intrinsic benefits to beginning coda on a savefile which has cleared Law, Neutural, and Chaos?

For example, according to the coda guide, I have all the prerequisites uniques alive and recruited on the Law path. What do I gain if I were to world tarot back to Chapter 1 and complete the main game again on both Chaos and Neutral routes? I know I gain some additional characters not available on the Law route, but is there anything else?
4 years ago#2
Coda doesn't work differently than other anchor points, so its literally impossible for an anchor point to actually acknowledge you as having cleared more than one route. If anything this will mess up your PoTD/sidequest progression that you may want to preserve, if you're not careful.
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4 years ago#3
So not clearing Chaos or Neutral will have no affect on my coda experience?
4 years ago#4
Not necessarily, but if you don't do the paths you may find yourself underdeveloped. Episode 2's battle is no joke and a traditional strategy won't work. There are ways around it, of course, but just rushing to get it done will not make things any easier. You're also missing a good part of the story.

When I write "clearing" the other paths, I mean going through them, not necessarily beating the game on all three.
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4 years ago#5
Elyon posted...
When I write "clearing" the other paths, I mean going through them, not necessarily beating the game on all three.

Like recruiting all the uniques but not advancing the chapters?
4 years ago#6
In a sense. Clear Chapters 1-3 (remember, Neutral is only one Chapter, and has less battles than 3C and 3L), and then the first few battles so that you can recruit the uniques. You may wish to see the PotD scene on 5F in 4N as well, simply because there's dialogue that's extremely important to one particular subplot.

There's also value in doing Law last, so that you've an easy way to farm Abyss 2 scrolls. Or at the very least, replaying Law last so that you reject Xapan.

In truth, there are quite a few reasons why I would defend going through the other paths. Unless you're interesting in 100%ing, however, I wouldn't bother too much with going beyond the first few battles in Chapter 4.
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4 years ago#7
I see. I guess I'll just skim through the main game so I can pick up the characters I missed.

Thanks for the advice.

Why would you reject Xapan though? :\
4 years ago#8
By rejecting Xapan you unlock a battle in Chapter 4 where Abyss 2 drops. This is the easiest place to farm it. The only other way to get it is via luck in the battle on 100F PotD.

It's not really necessary unless you're a completionist, though. You seem to be in a rush, so you may wish to ignore it.
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4 years ago#9
So, just confirming it for myself:

-Currently on Chaos. I have all the unique characters save the warlock in the Palace. It's the princess ending. Denied shrine quest to get Cressida, have not finished the graveyard but have Azelstan.
-Beat the game, WORLD back to Neutral. Get all the characters, get the Lord MARKS. Do not beat the game.
-WORLD back and do Law. Complete the game on Princess, do all side quests (Graveyard, Palace, Shrines), see all scenes and get remaining characters.
-Start Coda?
4 years ago#10
That would work, yes, absolutely. That's what I would do (except I'd do the Shrine sidequest in two playthroughs, but it's not necessary). Be sure to do the Wildwoods in your first Chapter 4, too. That's not marked and there are no events, but the recipe books are extremely important once enemies start scaling with you.

By the way, you can still get Xapan even if you reject him, you just need to record you rejecting him in a further Anchor Point, then WORLDing back to the previous and recruiting him, then WORLDing forward to the Anchor Point where you rejected him (where he'll still be considered rejected). You can also recruit him in the Chapter 4 battle, if you wish. So rejecting him is not losing him permanently.
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