best class for fists?

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3 years ago#1
i just got cerya and was thinking of having her use fists and recruited a berzerker earlier with rank 2 fists i could scavenge. but whats the best class to use. warrior and berzerker look like good choices. also do both get the same lvl of counter. i assume augment fire effects the 1st fist finishing move? if i go warrior i dont need to lvl it since denam is lvl 18 war. while berzerker is lvl 13-14.
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3 years ago#2
Warriors are better off with 2 hand weapons. When it comes to stats and the like they lag behind with other weapons. A berserker with fist weapons isn't a bad idea, augment fire does indeed increase flaming fist damage and fists aren't all that bad on the RT either. I currently use a fist berserker and she's a reliable unit to keep following my Denam around the field mopping up weak units or just ripping a hole in a unit with sanguine assault.
3 years ago#3
Warriors suck ass late game so I don't know why you're still leveling one up.....

I guess Berserkers are a good candidate. And if you don't want to run a cookie cutter Dagger Rogue they can work well with it too.

Augment elements do effect Finishers but in the long run your going to be equipping an Augment related to your main weapon more.
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3 years ago#4
If you don't mind my light derail, I'd argue the very best class with Fists is a wind-based Lord.

He gets a free Tier II Summon, for the love of God.
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3 years ago#5
but he mentioned best class for fists. which i think, he's implying for just weapon damage or a class that would make fists more worthwhile.

however, i cannot argue with your statement..
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3 years ago#6
no one argues with the Lord. He is almighty. :D
3 years ago#7
The real question is how metal do you want to be? Yeah, you equip Fist weapons on some nancy class like the Warrior or Lord and run around fisting things in the butt like the fruitcake that you are, or you could convert every single one of your whiny characters into Berserkers and unleash the power within.

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