More on auto-leveling augment element skills..

#11coineineagh(Topic Creator)Posted 6/6/2012 11:13:32 PM
Short on Shift Stones? Then let thine hero be Lich or Necromancer, and casteth Back Plume afterwards.
BLACK PLUME: not buyable, Grimoire Sombrailes drops in PotD story battle lvl 5, and from story battle lvl41 Lich (17, 4). Use these with care: requires Necromancy skill & 1 Shoulder Shard, useable on self only.
"An INDIRECT spell that transforms a SINGLE TARGET into a crow, allowing them to flee combat."
#12darkflagrancePosted 6/15/2012 6:02:49 PM
^Now that last update is useful for those wanting to pull this method off. Shiftstones are a ridiculous pain to grind for in my opinion.

Also, I now know what spell Nybeth used every time I killed him and he escaped.
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@coineineargh Great post. I shall consider this.
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Happy to help. I hope others will enjoy the benefits of leveled skills for years to come...

But I must say: if you use your Shift Stones carefully, it's still a really good payoff. 1 Shift Stone for a handful of augments, maxed anatomy, cudgel, and parry. Is there anything better to do with them? You can't even use Palace Guides half the time, so it's a waste to craft many of them. And in a pinch, you could even commit suicide with your solo hero, if you have Elixirs to waste, and don't care about Warren Report statistics..Yes, I consider leveled skills that important...;-)