CF stuck!!!??

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4 years ago#1
i have been doing the death march thing .... and my CF raised from 20 to 31 .... i knew it cause when i bought a new garagastani their statement was different ...

But i have been killing my own units for a while now .. i killed around 150 of my low level units but still stuck in the same statement...

I am using the counter-attack method ... and the two characters i am using are Denam(the main character) and another semi-powerful one... and i am killing em in psonji weald..

Am i doing something wrong? thank you for your time... ^_^
4 years ago#2
You know, it'd be so much easier to raise your chaos frame rating by making choices instead of doing that whole death march thing.
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4 years ago#3
yeah i know .... i am regretting that every battle i fight ... but i have come soooo far in the game ...just the POTD and pirate sidequest left before the final boss i dont want to start a new game and go through hell again ...

can you tell me if i am doing something wrong here?? why is my CF stuck?
4 years ago#4 took me 8 hours .... **SIGH** ..... but recruited her finally...thank god...

now where should i go??? should i go to POTD?? will the side quest scenes start now that i have cressida...?? can anyone help me
4 years ago#5
Other than triggering some extra dialogue with Nybeth at POTD, you won't get any new side quests involving Cressida after recruiting her.
"Without love, it cannot be seen." - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
4 years ago#6
i recruited cressida (man.... it took me 8 hours and got her at last )..... now i dont know which floor or level will the Nybeth scene occur?? i mean is there anything else i need to do first in order to trigger the scene or should i just go knocking at POTD?

i dont wnat to just clear the POTD levels for nothing... the enemy scales to my level and they are really badass .... and even i defeat them i dont get much exp (bummer) ....

can anyone help me ... thanxxx in advance ^_^
4 years ago#7
The scene is at floor 5, but if you're determined to finish PotD you better have Catiua alive in your party and at the Warren Report, have Gildas, Vyce, Myrdin in your army(easily done by world but be careful not to overwrite) so you can finish the game from there and safe to go up to Coda 2.
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4 years ago#8
reall!!!???? that's a bummer..... i am already on the 50th floor .... Damn

what will happen if catiua nd vyce aren't alive??? shall i continue to go anyway or should i just withdraw???

also .... i am unable to get those cool equipments and items like reeking armor or jig'lay's stuffs ..... is that has to do anything with catiua and vyce??
4 years ago#9
Only Catiua needs to be alive in the report that is via Princess Route and Vyce and the Others just need to be there in your army..
If not, you have to trek the potd again and kill nybeth then finish the game if you want to progress beyond Coda 1..
"The winds of Hades, colder than a blizzard in the midst of winter!" - Soul King Brook, OP 661

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