Most efficient Grimoire Abimes II (Abyss 2)

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4 years ago#11
Yes, that's how it is at the end of my Chapter 3 Law. I can loop back and play through to the Xapan battle any time I want.

That said, I haven't fought that battle yet. I'm too busy training up Ozma and her band of white knights.

Actually white knight is a pretty sad class. It's a tank in a game where tanking is pretty redundant. It's a melee offensive unit when melee is pretty pointless anyway. It's a magical healing unit in a game where healing also becomes redundant after a while.

Also, is it my imagination but is Lord a fairly low RT class? It seems like Lord Denam is pretty close in speed to Knight Commander Ozma.
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4 years ago#12
@jascla92 The "Lord" class has an "RT" of 25, plus "Denam" himself has is -7
The "Knight Commander" class has an "RT" of 20, while "Ozma" herself is -15

Basically having the fastest job, and herself being the fastest makes her the undisputed fastest in the game. However "Denam" as a "Lord" still outclasses her by a huge marging with the most versatile spell and weapon selection of any job. Plus the use of "Boon of Swiftness" will quickly compensate for the speed issues.

Heck maybe even as a "Buccaneer" and it's use of "Speedstar" might give "Ozma" a run to. Maybe. ^_^
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4 years ago#13
Except Ozma can use Boon of Swiftness scrolls, at no MP cost, so that point is pretty much null. Lord is just broken though, it's pretty unfair.
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4 years ago#14
@Elyon I forgot about the scroll usage. Then again what's to stop the "Lord" from doing the same thing at no "MP" cost? Either way. One well placed "Summon" will send "Ozma" running back to "Lodis" with her "Rose Whip" LoL.
{{If you "Act" up, then you must get "Jacked" up!}}
4 years ago#15
Mine's equipped with the ogre set plus cursed dagger so you'll have a very hard time dealing more than 1 damage.. XD
Even my lord can't get past a hundred damage on her...
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