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Call me a sap, but... (Law Route Spoilers) (Archived)
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what mission/chapter/route am i on right now? (Archived)OgreBattle01943/3/2011
How do you get the title in chapter one with Cistina? (Archived)XDemonJokerX53/3/2011
How does this compare to FFT War of the Lions? (Archived)
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what are the pros/cons of hired units? (Archived)thinkb4uspeak73/3/2011
I walked in as a level 15 Berserker, but I left as a level 17 man. (Archived)EnragedSlith13/3/2011
Is there any specific rewards for getting titles? (Archived)paladin115573/3/2011
how long its taking everyone to get enough CF to recruit Cressidia ? (Archived)
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Favor to ask from you guys (Archived)hannwaters63/3/2011
Can magic stand up to melee and archery in damage? (Archived)
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Gun skill question (Archived)Findmeaname73/3/2011
Is there a way to only show equippable items when selecting equipment? (Archived)Maximus4023/3/2011
Alignment... (Archived)CoolTommy13/3/2011
Skulldust Nostrum? (Archived)RPGman153/3/2011
Is it me, or are battles a bit longer in this one...?*possible spoilers* (Archived)Moranite23/3/2011
Unlocking Gunner Class? (Archived)Leusugi33/3/2011
Planning ahead for some of my generics. (Archived)Toan_San13/3/2011
Lans Tartare (Archived)EnragedSlith43/3/2011
question about world system (spoilers of course) (Archived)blankempathy23/3/2011
Pre-ordered and bought because of the tarot cards (Archived)
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