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The Ravness struggle (spoilers) (Archived)Yewolife31/29 3:57PM
Mold tile weirdness (Archived)I live here71/29 3:48PM
What did Vyce mean when he said (to Canopus)... (Archived)naomeh81/28 10:00PM
After getting all the characters, cool gear, and rare spells... (Archived)Duthos31/28 8:26PM
Speaking of creative runs.. (Archived)mmttbb11/28 12:23PM
Your rogue... (Archived)PolishPaladin21/28 12:19PM
my cyclops has diabetes... (Archived)PolishPaladin71/28 11:07AM
Awful sidequests (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dancingmad7121/28 8:58AM
Is the cursed weapon sticky accurate? (Archived)lYMICrazyl31/27 8:33PM
What high level drops are available in the story post world? (Archived)Duthos61/27 5:43PM
Even though this game has its flaws I'll always love it unconditionally. (Archived)A Novel Idea21/27 3:40PM
refresh my memory... (Archived)PolishPaladin51/27 3:21PM
Some sort of AI glitch? (Archived)Jitawa51/25 11:25PM
I just missed ravness... (Archived)pamboys51/25 11:05PM
Interesting (somewhat known info on Skull Set, but rarely talked about here) ! (Archived)AlekTrev00631/25 2:38PM
Request: Shortlink to loot tables (Archived)Duthos91/25 2:06PM
Veteran turned noob could use some advice/refresh (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
AzighaI211/25 3:42AM
Awful, awful shop system (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
adpalmer83111/24 9:31AM
Do humanoid generics have the same RT? (Archived)lYMICrazyl21/24 12:43AM
Another tactical rpg that people should love - Brigandine (Archived)duredure2591/23 1:21PM
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