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About chosing the best path for each character's story mode *spoilers* (Archived)castrejon04410/16/2011
How long does Zavvi take to deliver to US? (Archived)
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Oh i fought some Elf lady and im confused after what just happened (Archived)youngbro810/9/2011
wish i can upload my replays from my hard drive.. (Archived)DJPLACE110/9/2011
How good would you say this game is? (Archived)
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best place to pick of limited edition copy for a u.s player (Archived)omiford210/9/2011
Limited Edition for $30 USD at Zavvi right now (Archived)castrejon04910/7/2011
Would you like AH3 to be ported to Vita? (Archived)Jaden7089610/7/2011
Arcana Heart Players (Archived)
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So I played this game for the first time ever.... (Archived)
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Release date (Archived)amanoob110/5/2011
Anyone in US get the UK version yet? (Archived)
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Mark III Chain Master? (Archived)
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DLC Question. (Archived)MelficeSeph229/29/2011
No proper 4:3? (Archived)
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question about EU disk version (Archived)nightwind13x59/27/2011
Mark III Sword Summoner Trophy Help!!! (Archived)Jamie_Kerr2269/26/2011
How is this in compared to like Vanguard Princess? (Archived)Redwarz59/25/2011
How active is the online community in this? (Archived)Shuriko39/22/2011
Okay, so maybe I just absolutely suck, but... (Archived)eharper25679/20/2011
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