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Divine Sword - Still No Leaving? (Archived)SatanicRhetoric18/10 8:31PM
cwcheat to pass any skill? (Archived)frozendragon15016/21 4:41PM
Bottlemail problem (Archived)KyomasaNTH36/2 2:24AM
My set up for powerful skills (Archived)DavinCross8535/6 11:08AM
Reasons weapons with low guard are actually better than high guard (Archived)DavinCross8524/30 8:22AM
Beasting marona with a different approach (Archived)DavinCross8534/29 11:50AM
Is it just me of does raising SP go quicker bare-handed? (Archived)DavinCross8534/28 4:37PM
Anyone know why skull A ranks are so rare? (Archived)DavinCross8514/28 3:57PM
HP based skills are super powered! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DavinCross85154/20 12:50PM
List of skills frequently found on weapons (Archived)DavinCross85104/13 8:09AM
How tough is your Marona? (Archived)mmttbb34/9 10:15PM
Finally found the LORD title!! (Archived)DavinCross8514/5 10:24AM
Just finished another marona, gonna head on to the main game (Archived)DavinCross8513/31 10:11AM
Sulphur's Rematch (Archived)GenJohnston999112/21 5:52PM
Ash's visiblity (Archived)matt700_X28/29/2014
Can't find these answers anywhere! (Archived)ChimeraTF21/24/2014
Extra characters going WILD??? (Archived)R2036xPkmn112/23/2013
I finally beat the main story. Is there anything else to do in the normal mode? (Archived)Im_A_potato410/30/2013
What's the "DARK" counter for? (Archived)Im_A_potato710/3/2013
Psn?? (Archived)junkiet2339/13/2013
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