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The TRUE Game list by Crash_Override9207 (Please Sticky!) (Archived)Crash_Override9112/5/2013
OUTRAGEOUS they f*%$ed up Minotaur!! (Archived)gymnast_79111/6/2013
Favorite game in this collection. (Archived)chisoxrule52/12/2011
Why no Lock 'n Chase? (Archived)Teremei91/13/2011
Got over 1,000,000 in Astro Smash? Sign here. (Archived)Grand_Papillon212/27/2010
ok so i was excited, oct. 27th, NOW it's Nov 2nd. (Archived)
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Okay, so got the game today (Archived)
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do you play the games with the touch screen or the d-pad?? (Archived)White_Baller31611/23/2010
Minotaur weapon listing (Archived)BiffMan42211/18/2010
Where to buy? (Archived)Jooba211/14/2010
Space Spartans + touch screen = Too much fun (Archived)BiffMan42311/5/2010
The real, honest and true list of games in this compilation....single and multi (Archived)Rayder311/4/2010
Official Release Date appears to be set! (Archived)Omegaman007811/3/2010
Here is the list of games included in this compilation.... (Archived)
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This game was released today? (Archived)Doctor_Zaat511/2/2010
Any save features high scores or for the RPGs? (Archived)gatsbyy611/1/2010
Will this game be released tomorrow? (Archived)Roy_Burns310/31/2010
Pushed back to Nov. 1st 2010? (Archived)Crash_Override9310/29/2010
This Friday! (Archived)pichufan20001010/29/2010
Ok, I gotta ask: Is it out yet? (Archived)sonic_brawler95610/27/2010
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