I've Yet To Receive My Signal Code...

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6 years ago#21
Im missing my "thesignal" code email too, ive let it lie and waited but im thinking of doing something about it now.. which one should i try first? ms or remedy?
6 years ago#22
Wow, that many of you guys entered the code early? The card with the code says "Connect to Xbox Live this Summer to continue the Alan Wake story. Use the code on the back of this card to download the first game Add-on content." You guys need to read more carefully...
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6 years ago#23
I just called XBOX for the second time. I verified, held, got transfered, verified, held, BUT this time the tech had a code to give me. I put it in while he was still on the phone and it worked. I don't know why a code wasn't available when I called before, but calling really might help.
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6 years ago#24
I finally got my code aswell just a couple of weeks too late I already bought it on marketplace and finished it aswell already.
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6 years ago#25

When I entered my code early my xbox exploded and I saw the face of God and transcended and now I understand everything

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