I've just played through the DLC, here's my opinion of it. (minor spoilers)

#1MeIon BreadPosted 8/8/2010 4:25:11 AM
Pretty mediocre, really. The gameplay is actually quite fun, and the plot is alright. Great graphics, just like before. Sadly, the length is a joke. I know that expansion packs and DLC are never going to be long, but this took me about 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish. Damn. I've lasted longer in bed. I've been disgusted with retail games that only last 3 or 4 hours, but this is pathetic. Just when you're starting to get into it, it stops. This isn't even as long as the 6 main episodes, except maybe the last one. I admit, I've became very good at the main game, and so this wouldn't take me long on Normal Mode, but still.

I'd rather go back and do more things in the main game, than play this. You've got the manuscript pages to collect, and various challenges to do, which is more fun than an hour on this.

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