If you didn't recieve your new code.

#1Ghodea DehelPosted 8/10/2010 2:05:44 PM
I've seen a few people complaining that they didn't receive their new code in the mail.
If you have entered your code that came with the game before the dlc was released and got the video download and haven't received your code here's what you should do.
You need to phone xbox support and tell them that you didn't received any code for Alan Wake.
They will check your account to see that you have used the code and downloaded the video.
They will also want to know the code you used so I hope you still have the code card. (I had to give my code to them)
If all checks out they should contact you in a week or so with a new code.
This is what I did when I didn't received my code and it should work for everyone.

I hope this helps.