Has everyone gotten their code.

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User Info: joeninja123

6 years ago#1
?? or still waiting?

User Info: Metedea

6 years ago#2

How do I get my code? I bought my copy new today and there's no code in it. Is there a place online where I'm supposed to ask for it or?

User Info: Slymandro

6 years ago#3
It only came with the game if you got it when it first came out.
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User Info: munkey55

6 years ago#4
No it didn't I got mine a week or two ago new at Toys R Us and it had the code in it

User Info: Machima44

6 years ago#5

I got the game september 5th. It came free with the DLC Alan Wake. Like 5 months after it came out.

User Info: shadowcat2164

6 years ago#6
I got mine used a few days ago and it had the unused card code in the box. I was pretty happy about that.

User Info: SnaffleJBean

6 years ago#7
Bought a copy at Best Buy yesterday and it had the code in the game case.

It's just a chance thing. If you didn't get the code, you didn't get it.

I've also noticed on websites like Walmart's and Target's that they list "Alan Wake" for $30, and "Alan Wake With Code" or "Alan Wake With Token" for $40. I got the $30 one from Best Buy and it had the code, but I guess if you want a sure thing you could get the $40 one; I don't know any other reason why they would list the one with the code separately.

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  3. Has everyone gotten their code.

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