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Found a playthrough of the DLC on youtube, question abou the story *spoiler (Archived)evil9901918/9/2010
Anyone want to tell me the story of this DLC? Spoilsers, Obviously (Archived)Gmagn28/8/2010
I've just played through the DLC, here's my opinion of it. (minor spoilers) (Archived)MeIon Bread18/8/2010
hands down the best dlc ever (Archived)jangofox18/5/2010
I just finished it 5 minutes ago. (spoilers) (Archived)
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WORST Thing just happened...(Spoilers) (Archived)Eashpabagadouch18/3/2010
is DLC still packaged free in every box? (Archived)ytford38/2/2010
I ended up paying for this DLC...at least it was reasonably priced. (Archived)Dr_Kanobi58/2/2010
How many hours long is this? I've heard it's about 2 or 3. (Archived)AngelsWDF38/2/2010
*SPOILERS* The TV... (Archived)Sombrero_Shadow48/1/2010
The in-game advertising is obnoxious. *Spoiler for maingame and the signal.* (Archived)Nikolai_Krane78/1/2010
Why must this DLC come out the day before... (Archived)
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The review (gamespot/gamefaqs) (Archived)Rook89157/31/2010
Location of clocks and cardboard cut outs. (Archived)monza196627/28/2010
What are you supposed to do if you already redeemed the code? (Archived)
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The television footage is incredibly lame. (Archived)NooselaceShoe47/28/2010
Alan Wake - The Signal Collectibles Guide No Spoilers (Archived)ssdd2k17/28/2010
Quick Look @ Signal (Archived)DerekRic67/27/2010
KARMA karmA, what about this game? (Archived)balloonrider37/26/2010
Confused about (Free or Not) (Archived)SiLeNtHiLlDoRk67/26/2010
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