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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#1
Ok just finished all of the Tekken cast's trials so I have their titles. Anyone with Capcom cast titles or the Arcade titles feel free to add on.

I don't have the guide and I hope they don't actually have them in there or else I would feel like I have wasted my time doing this...

White = finishing most of the trials
Blue = finishing all the trials
Red = beat arcade mode on medium (or lower I think)
Gold = beat arcade mode on hardest

Devil In The Dark
Devil's Power
Original Hero
Endless Charisma
Big Bad Guy
Wind God Fist B
If I Was King... B

#1 Assassin
Cool Beautiful
Work Comes First
20 Year Old Body
Dangerous Curves
Hate My Sister
Cool Killer B
High Battle Sense B
From the Dark R
Certain Kill G

Fight Mediator
Kazama Style
Osaka School Gal
Gonna Smack Ya!
What The Heck!?
Never Gonna Lose!
All For The Laughs B
Girl Power B

Hasty Daredevil
Total Beatdown!
Don't Tell My Father
Fighting Celebrity
Team Time (music note)
Doing As I Please B
Million Dollar Gal B

The World Is Mine
Tekken Lord
Mishima Karate Style
Miraculous Old Man
Bursting With Power
Unstoppable Storm
Nice Hairstyle B
Absolute Ruler B
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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#2
Special Move = Farts
Thinking Of Panda
The Bear
No Ordinary Bear
TV Kid
Kuma Shin Ken Style
Looking For Mishimas B
Wild and Cranky B

#1 In The Universe
Furious Fighter
Undying Phoenix
Crushing Fist
Wild Old Man
Mister Comical
In Debt B
Spirit Of A Man B

Marshall China
Cooking Dragon
I Just Needed Cash
Spicy Cooking
The Poor Man
Got A Family
Down But Not Out B
Secret Recipe B

Wild Masked Wrestler
The Successor
Ring Hunter
Jaguar Mask
Feeling Excited
Muscle Buster!
Babyface B
Technician B

Roaring Beast
Vale Tudo Fighter
Violent Warrior
Power Puncher
Daunting Adversary
Caged Animal
Love My Muscles B
Outta Control B

For master Baek
I want Power!
Blood Talon
Reckless Rascal
Feet BeforeFists
Storm & Stress
Need To Fight Him B
Surprsingly Serious B

Cool Boxer
Can Kick Too
Quick Combos
Sucker Knuckle
Studly Man
Sharp Edge
Hellfire! B
Unlucky Numbers B
No Match Fixing! R
World Champ G
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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#3
Earth's Soldier
Gal With Glasses
Intelligent Lady
Nature Is My Friend
Ever Green
Cool & Cute
Fight At Full Power B
$10,000 Smile B

The Perfect Body
My Body's A weapon
Weight Is Power
Nice Bounty hunter
Super heavyweight
Terrfying Blubber
Gun Speed Star B
Six Meals A Day B

Manji Clan Leader
Cursed Sword
Unique Ninja
Demon Cutter
A Flash TO Cut Evil B
Escaping Darkness B
Likeable Dude R
Idiom Dictionary G

Nice Black Suit
Stylish Ninja
Broody Man
Evening Bird
Agent With Shades
Gets The Job Done
Hard Worker B
Cross Scar Face B

Devoted To Jin
Panda's My Pet
All For Love!
Tons Of Courage!
Soaring Love
So Shoe Me
Lovely Pigtails! B
To Protect My Love B

Farewell To my Past
Mishima Zaibatsu #1
Fateful Flash
I Love My Forests
A World In Chaos
Dark Hero
Escaping The Devil B
Destroy The Mishimas B

From Outer Space
Fighting God
The Green Giant
Ancient Warrior
The Herald's Fist
Nice Ponytail
Not A Plant B
Spirit Eater B
I hear A Voice R
Lives In A Pyramid G

Capcom Side:

Pink Lady
Able-Bodied Manager
In Full Bloom
Wanna Spank Me?
Thee Queen?
Strong Minded
Heart-Warming Lass B
Sexy Cool B

Noble Masked Man
Airborne Assassin
Stained With Red!
Death Via Claw
Deadly Serpent
Spanish Ninja B
Sadist B
Searching For Beauty R
Intelligent Madman G

Okay that is all I have at the moment, I really hate beating Arcade on hardest so if any of you want to add those I would much appreciate it. I would eventually get all of them but it is really time consuming because it takes like 15-20+ minutes to do just one of them abusing 1 round 30 sec timer and spamming Gief lariat/360/sweep. Plus a lot of the CPU get cheap on you even with that tactic so expect to die 2-3 times or so...
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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#4
Completed everyone's trials so I have most of the titles now, just need to do the Arcade mode ones.

True Martial Artist
One With Nature
Fist Of Wind
Love My Beans
Eternal Challenger
Karate Fighter B
Metsu! Hadoken! B

Come On!
Crimson Fighter
Fighting Dad
Do It With Style!
Dragon Dancer
Nice Guy
Shoryureppa B
Eternal Rival B

Fancy Footwork
Original Heroine
Interpol Officer
Lightning Legs
Love My Sweets
Dancing All Over You B
The Complete Package B

Killer Bee
Cat Girl
Delta Red Member
Emotionless Soldier
Army Girl
Battlefield Flower
Love My Partners B
Moody Girl B

I'm Going Home
My Hair Is Too Good
Deal With It!
Unmatched Accuracy
For My Friends
Sonic Army
Cutting The Wind B
My Wife's A Babe B
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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#5
Man With No Past
Soft Mohican Hair
Wanna Pet A Bear
Dislikes Oysters
Searching For Myself
Lost Number B
Controlling Myself B

Red Cyclone
Standing Piledriver
Watch Your Step!
Muscle Man
Scars Are My Trophy!
Slow, Hard, Strong
Russia's Hero B
Solid Steel Bod B

Blubbery Dancer
Machine Gun Talker
Legendary Biker
Got A Pretty Gal
Trash Talker
Mid-Air Dancer
Ken Maaaasters! B
Nice Pigtail B

God Of Yoga
FIery God
Enlightened One
Tranquil Warrior
Married Holy Man
Mr. McStretchy
I Am Not An Alien B
Astonishing Power B

One Eyed Warrior
Indomitable Emperor
Tiger Tiger Tiger!
Man Of Honor
Quiet Power
Swear On My Scar
Like A King B
Angry Fist B

Love Being Ruthless
Win At All Costs
Perfect Harmony
I Am A Soldier!
One Man Army B
Red Beret B

Kunoichi In Training
Girly Ninja Girl
Armor Is For Wimps!
Black Ponytail
Wanna Grow Up B
Need A Boyfriend B
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User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#6
Towering Giant
Crazy Strong
Super Tall
Not To Scale
Giant Wrestler
I'll Crush You!
I'm Number One! B
Not Just Big B

Mister Balrog
Heavyweight Boxer
Time To Get Paid!
Not Some Lapdog
Overwhelming Rusher
Raging Bulldog
My Fight Money! B
Dirty Fighter B

Love Destruction
Alluring Wench
Give It To Me Baby
Creepy Spider
Feng Shui Engine
Smiling Darkness
I Like My Stuff Hot B
Spider B

Psycho Power is #1!
Immortal Dictator
Top Baddie In Town
Shadaloo Dictator
Pretty Chin B
No Time For Chumps B

Master Of The Fist
Die 1000 Deaths!
Murderous Intent
Ready For Death
Eye Of A Demon
Gokuento Resident B
Fist To Tear Heaven B

Woot Finished!
I guess now this thread can also be used to help you with trials if you need it. I will try and get the Arcade ones by the end of the week!
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User Info: zman804

5 years ago#7
Balrog - Mister Balrog.

"For example, "There is splooge on my grandmother's chest," is totally acceptable."-_Velocirapture_

User Info: Crimson_Rex

5 years ago#8
Boost for this being glorious, adding to my list of titles.
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User Info: DaNcInGcHiWaWa

5 years ago#9
no Zangief?

User Info: EiyuJPN

5 years ago#10
He is there in my last post , I just said Gief instead of spelling out his full name.

I still haven't gotten around to beaten arcade mode on hard...just a hassle when I could be fighting online....

I want to get 1000g as well but the mission mode is retarded and frustrating, I don't want to do that or boost for anything else, capcom makes the worst ideas ever.
360 Tag: Eiyu
JPSN : Higeki-hero
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