Pissed about SFxT's DLC controversy? Voice your opinion to these links:

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greatest websites ever

I gotta bookmark those sites.
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smoky820 posted...
i kinda feel bad for the guys like ono and seth, you know they will get most of the backlash from fans when they probably had nothing to do with the decision for the dlc nonsense. while the higher ups at capcom who probably made the choice just laugh.

^ Thissss. Poor dudes.
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^They make plenty of money, and I highly doubt they are stressed over this. This is Capcom's PR's headache.

No need to feel sorry for them.

Added to this, there's no need to defend Capcom either. Capcom is big boy. Capcom can defend itself.
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voicing my support.
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Do you really think anyone cares? Every company does it. KOF13 had on-disc DLC characters and no one said anything. The only reason people complain about Capcom is because people hack into the game. People just like to hate on Capcom.

First of all, not every company does it. Secondly, KOFXIII has a relatively small fanbase compared to Capcom, so the auidence is significantly smaller for there to be any outcry. It should be noted there are only 3 disc locked characters on KOF, which consist of two reskins with partial moveset changes and a joke character. That's a bit different than almost 25% of a roster being locked.

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