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DLC Character Alt Costume Pack - free?MrJoestar37/2 7:19AM
Would I get the extra DLC characters from having the Vita PS Plus version? (Archived)Vashj26/8 2:19PM
Two people rage quitted on me today. (Archived)Inyofase45/15 7:48PM
DLC characters.. (Archived)hyperskate6513/23 12:37PM
Who would BBA Mega Man's tag partner be if he had one? (Archived)robohappy23/4 8:48PM
Just got this for 14 bucks, brand new! (Archived)NewportBox100s103/4 8:45PM
$7.50 digital version on PS Store, good till 2/16 (Archived)ma70er22/16 11:54AM
Combo Editor (Archived)SilentNova77712/11 3:32PM
I want a sequel! (Archived)Inyofase22/10 12:54PM
Sorry for posting this again, but the 12 character pack is still not popping up. (Archived)ThePhantomGamer32/8 9:48PM
Street Fighter IV X Tekken (Archived)Bass_X0211/4 10:33PM
how do you do chun li's lightning kicks? and when can i use cole and the kuros? (Archived)p0922110/31 1:34PM
There's a possibility that SFxT may get one more patch. (Archived)NoizyChild110/8 12:08AM
Anybody else wish this game got some alt outfits from sf4? (Archived)Rhio2k19/25 3:23AM
Farming out 500 matches online (Archived)Hrist219/16 4:44AM
ADVANCED Juri Trials (Archived)srk_darkphyre19/10 3:40PM
Poison Trial 18 (Archived)BleedStrange59/6 11:22PM
Anyone still play this? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Izanagidonutz428/14 7:34PM
*Looks at board* - "called it!" (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
wonzan228/13 10:23PM
Are Trophies on this game hard? (Archived)TheArcade98/11 9:03AM
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