Isn't it kind of clumsy for a crossover to have two games at one time?

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I made a similar thread on the Tekken X Street Fighter board, but seeing as actual commercials have been released for this, there's a little more to address.

A crossover is a delicate thing to market. In contrast to other games, it's not just about the game, it's about the crossover experience. And it might be a little weird for there to be two games crossing over the same thing, despite the game mechanics being different.

"Worlds Collide is the tagline for this game. That's the premise they're serving up for this game. This is the game where the worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken collide. So what purpose does Tekken X Street Fighter serve? It serves no purpose except to also include the other kind of gameplay that wasn't included in the first game. But people who are there for the crossover? They don't really care about that. In fact, I'm willing to wager that once Tekken X Street Fighter is released, Joe Casualgamer will get the two mixed up at his local Best Buy.

Why? Because he wants to buy that one game where Street Fighter and Tekken fight each other. That's what a crossover is for, right?
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I did add, however, that there's a good amount of years between Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter. So the Tekken X Street Fighter game feels... kinda like a sequel, which is legit and isn't forced or anything. It could easily be marketed with the feel of a sequel. Sequels are fine.
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ITT: Person who doesn't like Tekken, and assumes that even though people wanted to play Heihachi in Street Fighter, that there are no people who want to play as Chun-Li in Tekken.
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Huh? But it's not about playing as Street Fighters in Tekken, or Tekken characters in Street Fighter, or at least that's not what crossovers normally are. It's both sides mixed together in one game.
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Back when the CAPCOMvsSNK games were put out, the same thing happened there, except even more so. Both CAPCOM and SNK ended up putting out two crossover fighting games each. And it was all just fine.
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I completely disagree. Two games is the absolute PERFECT way to do a crossover. Because then you get one game done in each companies style, and you get to see Tekken characters done in an SF style, and SF charatcers done in a Tekken style.
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But that's not what a crossover is for. Or at least, that's not what people expect of a crossover. When you mix two colors, you only get one color.

As for Capcom and SNK, there was a decent amount of time between each game. Plus from then on, all SNK released were those Card Fighter games. Which is different enough in genre to not be weird.
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If you're there for the two gameplay styles, fine. But that's not really what a crossover is, by common definition. You're there to see Heihachi fight Chun-Li. It's about the characters crossing over, not the two game design styles.
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ItsKaljinyuTime posted...
As for Capcom and SNK, there was a decent amount of time between each game. Plus from then on, all SNK released were those Card Fighter games. Which is different enough in genre to not be weird.

No; aside from Card-Fighter DS, first you got SNKvsCAPCOM for the NGPC, and then after the original two Card-Fighter games were released, (we never got the second one,) then we got SNKvsCAPCOM Chaos in 2003.
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Chances are that TxSF won't even be released until mid-late 2013. So SFxT will be "old" by then.
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