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In ranked match you pick TRAINING STAGE! (Archived)GundamRed43/28/2014
worth getting ps3 version for any reason if i have the vita version? (Archived)Xbox-36O13/28/2014
holy noob questions batman! (Archived)Xbox-36O23/23/2014
Hey Look! A Live Stream Lobby (Archived)SpacePirateSeal53/23/2014
Final Round XVII SFxT Top 8 (Archived)ipsel5023/22/2014
any Lei tips for his stances? (Archived)Lun-Sei23/16/2014
So, completing the character challenges... (Archived)Lun-Sei73/15/2014
Beginner here, looking for help and for opponents! (Archived)Lun-Sei43/12/2014
Looking for Strong opponents (Archived)
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I'm Over 900 (near 1k) Hours in this Game (Archived)
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Lag question (Archived)gamebuyer2223/10/2014
How Do I Transfer The Vita Characters To PS3? (Archived)XDarkMethod63/4/2014
dlc EVER go on sale? (Archived)knightmere12212/26/2014
this game is going to be free for ps+ members in February on ps vita (Archived)lion_heart7x42/26/2014
Evangelist of the "X" trophy is a pain to get (Archived)hulk040822/24/2014
im so bad now... (Archived)GundamRed12/23/2014
Complete Alternate Costume Pack FREE for Plus Subscribers... (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer22/20/2014
People still play this online? (Archived)
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got a new tv and back to enjoying playing this game (Archived)mastereh198031/29/2014
Akuma/Lili & Sakura/Dudley (Archived)meat9221/28/2014
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