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Pheonix Wright cameo?!? (Archived)Goodbye1800051/31/2012
So anyone hope there are endings? (Archived)SonicNextGen261/31/2012
I'm thinking... for audio selection... (Archived)
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ok.. i just have enough of people sayin this plays like ssf4? (Archived)
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So what are the chances that (Archived)
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Wasn't today supposed to be the most important day of our lives? (Archived)LunaEstFrigida31/31/2012
Interesting Ono tweet (Archived)
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I love how people keep *****ing about the PS3 getting Exclusive stuff (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera61/31/2012
Dimitri finds out there will only be one version of Street Fighter x Tekken (Archived)Ohhhh_Marmalade21/31/2012
What time do you think we will get the news today? (Archived)Cinn_kentsu8971/31/2012
I like this Megaman better (Archived)SalvadorJones21/31/2012
The gameplay is a bit similiar to MvC series, SSFIV & TTT2 (Archived)LarsMasters41/31/2012
Can't wait for Cody and Christie (Archived)knuxnole21/31/2012
List of DLC planned for SFxTK (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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If this game has 3 frame normals like SF4, then balance is over (Archived)LunaEstFrigida91/31/2012
Is there an explanation as to why the PS3 gets all 5 guests? (Archived)
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so whats up with our story mode here? (Archived)Smash_Arc51/31/2012
Is this a Casual Fighter? (Archived)
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Cole needs a partner (Archived)
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Pac-Man on Mokujin robot saddens me (Archived)
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