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Now they need to add Dig-Dug (Archived)lordivan200881/27/2012
Why is everyone whining about gems? It's obvious what is going to happen. (Archived)
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so think we'll get the real dante as well? (Archived)MalkyeaImbak31/27/2012
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Question to the 360 players (Cause I know you're here!) (Archived)
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So According to Ono... (Archived)Bahamut knight zero91/27/2012
It... It brings a tear to my eye... (Archived)
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I'm disappointed that Pacman & BBMM are exclusive (Archived)Dragunov_4_ever11/27/2012
So will guy and Cody be ps3 exclusive too? (Archived)Cinn_kentsu8951/27/2012
am i on the right board?.. (Archived)A5YLUM_NUTCASE21/27/2012
They should put bad box artwork Strider-Hiryu in the game too. (Archived)Bass_X071/27/2012
wait reveals??? (Archived)Pyrizzla31/27/2012
So is lupinko wrong about it being over 50 characters? (Archived)MalkyeaImbak91/27/2012
I could care less about Pac-man riding a Mokujin mech.... (Archived)
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XBox owners and other complainers... (Archived)
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Your character customization colors (Archived)SAGE_HAN41/27/2012
"He is always running around in a hurry due to the demands of his partner Roll" (Archived)Bass_X021/27/2012