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At Comic-Con 2015? (Poll)Maleorder37/2 8:49PM
E3 at 2015? (Poll)Maleorder106/19 7:03PM
So now they are announcing that it will come in 2016. (Archived)maniaxe61313/6 11:18AM
Base System Development is Complete" Says Harada (Archived)dragonfruit152212/19 1:39PM
Tekken X Street Fighter confirmed for 2015 release date. (Archived)maniaxe613711/7 5:41PM
possible TxSF image from the game? (Archived)Oreno5267510/31 3:05PM
Tekken x Street Fighter vs Tekken 7 (Archived)joemama99210/12 10:29PM
Man after realizing how much Namco respects and works hard on their own series (Archived)ShyhHann69/15 9:17PM
Is this game dead ? (Archived)liamx200097/27 5:15PM
What's Tekken so long for this game to come out? (Archived)maniaxe61317/26 8:40PM
EVO 2014 announcement (Archived)XxSPADEZxX87/13 10:02PM
In 3 days... (Archived)Maleorder47/11 8:53PM
Wow, these screen shots look real, but are most likely fake. (Archived)freeverseartist26/9/2014
Do you think they're still developing this game? (Archived)
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oh, look Harada is with Ono now in LA (Archived)mogrock16/9/2014
So it's been like around 3 years since this game was first announced... (Poll)Nick_Kazama53/18/2014
Maximilian update (Archived)dragonfruit15213/13/2014
after playing street fighter x tekken (Archived)jchill122/18/2014
If this game is real, it will be better than any street fighter game. Ever. (Archived)RatB2032/14/2014
Name your top 5 most wanted characters in TKxSF (both sides) (Archived)
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