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6 years ago#1
I'm not gonna go from the begining, because that would be a lot of writing but I will summerize it for you.

The character isn't able to see monsters in the begining, but after getting an Eccense crystal from a bully he is able to see them. Then he has to save some snotty guy in white clothes from being killed and winds up replaceing him in a battle tournament. So I go there, and meet some girl who is pretty cool (I can't remember her name, if you know can you tell me?) and some creeper name Connor.

Eventually you make it to the finals and wind up about to fight Connor, but then some monster shows up and destroies the battle building. Then the owner of the battle tournaments asks Connor to go somewhere that I don't care to read about, then he tells the girl (Was it Alice... Aliyki?) to go to Cactus, and asks me to go to Herbus. We each have to destroy the Final Monsters there. Why do I feel like I'll wind up saving the Girl and Connor?

And WTF, who the hell named these cities?

Name: Brave


Tadpolaris Plus: Water

Energore: Fire

Spirispear: Spirit.

Here I go on my way to Herbage.

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6 years ago#2
Some extra info. Using the handy X-cam, I replaced My Tadpolaris' face with a picture of Winnie the Pooh.
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6 years ago#3
So this is Herbage? Huh, it's not as fruity as I thought it would be. It's just a grassy town with a few houses here and there.

Oh, so a kid saw the Final monster her. Apparently it has "Many wriggling snake-like vines on it's body." I gotta get me one of those.
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6 years ago#4
S now I have to help some little kid named Clint. He has a bandage on his nose... What is it with all these anime outfits? I understand that this was made in Japan, but can they atleast show some originality?

He leads me to his dead Grampa's farm and tells me to visit the Basement to get rid of ghosts. Ok... So I go through a nearly endless hallway until finally I see a save crystal. Oh boy, I wonder what I'm gonna run into here!

I continue down until I battle a... Scythe? Oh well, prepare to become mine! I capture it and save.

That's it for a while. Now I have to go to sleep. I'll be back tomorrow to continue.
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6 years ago#5
After that a short cutscene comes up. Apperently Clint wants to reward me, but with what? Food, money, monsters? No, he's only going to breed my monsters for me, but he says that if I do breed them, then both parent monsters will disappear, he goes on to say that he learned how to do it by watching his Grandpa breed them. O_o

WTF, what kind of Grandfather let's his grandson watch two monsters breed?

Nevertheless I choose my Energore and breed it with some other fire monster, then I get... A wind Fairy?

This game makes no sense whatsoever!

I soon forget about this and continue out of the city and into the dark forest where the Final Monster is...
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6 years ago#6
I go through the forest, and run into a save crystal. Since the Final Monster is obviously nearby, I save and continue.

I see it and am flabbergasted. It dosen't have "Many snake like vines". It's just a grass monster with 3 heads! To add insult to injury, I can't capture it!

In my anger I kill it and it drops a crystal when it runs away.

Brave wonders what it is and the screen flashes white. I am now back in Herbage, and I ask Clint if there is videophone anywhere around. He leads me to the Breeder shop and I talk to my teacher and the guy who runs those monster tournaments. They tell me that they haven't heard from Connor and Jade (That's what her name was!)

Oh, and for the record, I knew I would have to wind up saving them.

They tell me that I have to travel through the desert to get to Cactus where Jade is.

Why the hell are they sending a 12-15 year old to travel through the desert. Can't I ride a bus or something?
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6 years ago#7
Smarmy joking aside... do you actually enjoy the game?
6 years ago#8
Yes, do enjoy the game.

The reason I couldn't continue earlier is because I accidentally deleted my game save. But everything is good now.

So, I make it to Cactus, and after talking to some civilians I learn that Pure Faction (A political group that wants to separate Neo-Seeds from Pure Breeds) has captured a girl... Really, I understand this is a game, but what kind of political party captures a little 15-16 year old girl? My god, are these NPCs stupid. I go to the building where she is supposedly is at and I find a bunch of people dressed in really weird black outfits...

Hello, Team Galactic called, they want their clothes back!

I talk to one of the grunts... er, I mean members, and he agrees to let me see the girl they kidnapped . I walk down the hallway and, surprise, there she is. WTF, shame on them for kidnapping a 15-16 year old girl, but shame on you for letting yourself get kidnapped.

Anyway, she tells me that she tamed the Final Monster, and eventually had a dream that it was sleeping in a volcano, but apparently I have to fight it anyway.

Then the whole area shakes and I go out to check. Oh, a buliding on fire, oh, that's cool, wait, what I have to check it? Why?

Seriously, if any of you play the game, you have to go into the burning building to protect a Pure Breed from monsters, but wait, here's a big plot hole. Pure Breeds can't see regular monsters, therefore the regular monsters won't attack them.

So I go in with some firefighter and rescue some people, then everytime I do, he asks them if they're hurt and... wait for it... wait for it... he makes them run outside the several story building alone, AFTER THEY WERE TRAPPED IN THE BUILDING ALONE. And what's the deal with there being only one fire fighter, he did absolutely nothing besides telling the people to leave. So I go up several floors and rescue some people, then I get to the final floor and rescue an old man, as I leave, I find out that he's a thief.

I tell them that Jade has been captured by Pure Faction members, and the Fire Fighter gives me a shovel (WTF) and the thief tells me that he conveniently made a tunnel that leads to the Pure Faction (PF) jail.

Why would you make a tunnel that leads to a jail... Oh, right, you're a thief, you have nothing better to do all day.

I head to the tunnel and rescue Jade, but as we're escaping underground she sprains her ankle...

Really, is this really the time for this to happen? You are seriously the most incompetent person I have ever met! First you get captured by Team Galact... Er, I mean Pure Faction Members, and now you sprain your knee, that's it Jade, I've lost all hope for you being a good character.

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6 years ago#9
The screen flashes and now Jade and I are in the hospital, she says that she's going to be all right, because you know, spraining your ankle can kill you. Than she says that I have to go on alone. Then she starts talking about Connor and how she hasn't heard from him in a while, and a nurse tells us that she has his sister who has fallen under an illness.

Oh, and its nice to know that there's only one Connor in the entire world, I mean its not like anyone can name their kid that.

Then Jade tells me that I should check a volcano to find the Final Fire monster, What the hell, I save you and now you want me to go into a volcano to fight a monster.

I leave, but not before saying...

"Bye, try not to get kidnapped again, *****"

I run into the volcano and fight the fire monster which turns out to be a Fire lion thing, I kill it, then it drops a gem and leaves.

Now I leave the volcano and end up in a path that leads to a town with a large lake, I enter, but there nothing interesting there so I continue on ythe path until I find a dog. It leads me to a girl who wakes up and thanks me for saving her...

Oh, I didn't realize that running up to her while she was unconcious saved her life. Yo know, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to be the new female protaginist, but apparently, you're just as stupid as Jade,
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6 years ago#10
Bonafried is so hard2 catch =(
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