Getting Final Monsters: the solution in progress.

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6 years ago#1
I've been to these temples in the game that have spirits tell me how to get ultimate fire, dark, etc. I've gotten down you have to breed certain monsters to get the final monsters of each type.
Here's the descriptions I got plus what I could figure out as the monsters fitting the descriptions so far

Ultimate Water:
Giant Fish: Aquastorm
Blade of Dark: Pencilhead

Ultimate Fire:
Countless Spirits
Beast of the Volcano

Ultimate Plant:
Strange Fruit
Giant Rock Elephant: Elevil

Ultimate Beast?
Giant Forest Beast
Unicorn: Unitan

Ultimate Wind:
Mountain's Gale Wind
Shining Stone: Gemfire

Ultimate Light:
Shining Scarab: Snitch
Flowering Insect: Plantagon

Ultimate Dark:
Dark Lizard: Tremblice
Fiery Tiger: either Katsuya or Kitican

This is all I could get for now If anyone could post how or where to get these monsters and breed them to see if they work that'll be a great help.
6 years ago#2
the mountian wind is ragori
6 years ago#3
the giant forest beast is Fernaurus
6 years ago#4
Someone else posted the fire, water and plant variants. Problem I found, you can do something like breed the fire+water final monster together to make an even MORE final monster. A fire/water mixed moveset with a spirit type monster.
6 years ago#5
sorry thats wrong im not sure but it might be flutform
6 years ago#6
Got some results from breeding. It seems you get supreme monsters from the combinations. For Ultimate water you get Orcanator And for light and darkness it's Fluttermus and Purpleeze. I even bred those two and got an extreme spirit monster with light/dark attacks called Chicklox.
6 years ago#7
actually the mountain gale wind is cyclonox
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