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Special Interest Boards - Non-Gaming
Adult Swim Comedy
Family Guy, Williams Street, and more...
1330128717/8 9:11PM
Giving and getting advice about relationships, finance, and life in general
6004824147/10 11:55AM
Anime and Manga
Anime and Manga - General Discussion
--Split Board--
Books and Literature
Paper or e-book, magazine or novel, words or pictures?
6916864287/10 11:46AM
Cars and Trucks
Purchasing, maintenance, modifications, and driving
60801210527/10 12:02PM
Cartoons and Animation
From Disney to Spumco, the Simpsons to the Powerpuff Girls (no Anime)
91811754067/10 12:03PM
Collectible Card Games - Split
From Magic: The Gathering to the latest licensed game
--Split Board--
Comics and Graphic Novels
Non-Japanese illustrated stories for young and old.
352745629817/10 12:00PM
Creative Writing
Fiction and creative non-fiction, short stories and writing
1605179017/10 11:14AM
Doctor Who
I have a message board now. Message boards are cool.
2325326167/10 10:25AM
Dragon Ball
DB, DBZ and DBGT: The manga, the anime, the games, the phenomenon.
--Split Board--
Drawing and Graphics
Fan art, original works, and more
55427707/8 8:42PM
Phones, stereos, MP3 players, USB toys, and more
2203100507/10 7:48AM
Eating and drinking, cooking, and dining out
5800853937/10 10:47AM
Graphing Calculators
TIs, HPs, and other programmable calculators
411767/6 7:24PM
Harry Potter
The books, the movies, the games, the boy.
1206165737/10 11:59AM
Horror movie, book, and game discussion for the brave
2315274547/10 10:54AM
James Bond
For fans of the master spy.
26134317/9 1:16PM
Live Theatre
For those interested in both watching and performing, from drama class to Broadway
553106/13 5:37PM
Lord of the Rings
Tolkien's masterpieces and all of the related media
62665267/10 1:10AM
Marching/Concert Bands
The neverending battle for First Chair...
838447/10 7:06AM
Martial Arts
Kick, punch, it's all in the mind...
244743881767/10 12:02PM
Military Life (Level 15 required)
Life in and around military service
2870386777/9 9:03PM
Monty Python
And now, for an overused catchphrase.
343983/13 12:16PM
Movies: At the Theater
Tickets: $16. Popcorn and Drinks: $20. Getting kicked out for yelling "Take it all off, Padme!": Priceless
306024907067/10 11:58AM
Movies: Home Media
Cinema on the small screen - DVDs, Netflix, and other (legal) download and streaming services
188332289117/10 12:00PM
Music - Split
All of the Music Boards
--Split Board--
Greeks, Romans, and other ancient religions and myths. NO contemporary religion discussion.
925947/9 7:20PM
News: Past, Present, and Future
Current news, events, history, religion, and politics
--Split Board--
Paranormal / Conspiracy
The truth is in here.
2714498707/10 11:30AM
Pencil+Paper RPGs
AD&D and its many spawn
1085145897/10 11:55AM
Pets and Animals
Dogs, Cats, Fish, Lizards, Lions, Tigers, and Bears
33619037/3 6:18AM
Philosophy and Ethics
Why are we here? What is evil? Does it matter?
898148327/10 11:15AM
Digital and analog, posed or not.
21711457/9 1:11AM
Image manipulation for fun and profit, but mainly fun.
501706/1 5:18AM
Poetry, Lyrics, and Essays
For those with a creative touch. Or not.
37716476/12 8:58AM
The craze so big it gets its own board.
1257134487/10 9:41AM
Pro Wrestling
Professional Wrestling in its many forms
--Split Board--
Science and Technology
The latest in research and development, gadgets and discoveries
1291129397/10 10:51AM
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Genre Fans Unite!
36731347/10 6:47AM
Sleep and Dreams
We spend a third of our lives in bed. Dreams, nightmares, interpretations, and more.
50651147/10 11:01AM
Sports and Racing
Football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, both the games and the real thing
--Split Board--
Stand-Up Comedy
From "Take My Wife" to "Git 'Er Done"
1578087/3 10:29PM
Star Trek
TOS, Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise...Even the cartoon...
1650207547/10 11:57AM
Star Wars
The sequels, the prequels, the games, the books, the toys...
2325322217/10 11:23AM
Tabletop Gaming
Board Games, War Games, Miniatures, and More
26821967/9 8:51PM
Television: Broadcast TV
ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN, WB, PAX... and even BBC, CBC, and so on...
143063093767/10 12:00PM
Television: Cable and Satellite
All of the channels you have to pay to see
149522928737/10 12:03PM
The Great Outdoors
Hiking, Camping, Boating, Rafting, and More
1065607/3 2:29PM
The Matrix
There is no message board.
847067/3 1:04AM
The Simpsons
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
2948245327/10 11:53AM
Toys and Action Figures
Mint in Box
19915947/7 9:25PM
Video Editing
Creating and editing videos on the computer
37914486/23 6:40AM
Web Comics and Animation
From Penny Arcade to Strong Bad
605596/13 10:55AM
Web Design and Programming
Help others, or ask for help with HTML, CGI, Scripting, and more
66439817/9 10:38PM
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