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Social Boards
Another Place (Level 30 required)
Another place to post
64005/3 8:14AM
Current Events (Level 15 required)
If it doesn't belong anywhere else, post it here!
1982396005/4 1:40AM
EVERYBODY PANIC (Level 25 required)
812395/3 10:23PM
GameFAQs Contests
Got your bracket in yet?
254266955/4 1:38AM
GameFAQs Generations
Are you old enough to join in?
--Split Board--
Iconia (Level 34 required)
Home of the Icons
611995/3 7:21PM
Idolatry (Level 35 required)
Home of the Idols
25925/3 7:22PM
Legends (Level 32 required)
Level 32 and higher users only. No fads, polls, daily, or random posts.
166885/3 7:29PM
Long-Timers (Level 30 required)
Level 30 and higher users. No fads, polls, daily, or random posts.
24465/3 1:04AM
Poll of the Day
The daily GameFAQs poll - discuss it or make your own.
586127275/4 1:40AM
Random Insanity (Level 15 required)
Cascading topics, bizarre writing, and senseless acts of posting.
23559745/4 12:56AM
Roleplaying and Fanfiction (Level 15 required)
Create a story, play a character, have fun!
2658455/4 1:14AM
Survivor (Level 15 required)
Discuss the TV show and its spawn, or play your own game!
1294/26 8:27PM
Temple of the Ancients (Level 36 required)
Home of the Ancients
1647705/3 7:21PM
The Couch (Level 15 required)
Have a seat. Relax. Get to know each other.
6936265/4 1:13AM
The Elite (Level 33 required)
Level 33 and higher users only. No fads, polls, daily, or random posts.
311625/3 2:49PM
The End of the World (Level 20 required)
How will it happen? Will it be your fault?
23705/2 10:00AM
The Forum (Level 15 required)
Discuss your life, your world, your ideas.
717765/4 1:13AM
The Hallway (Level 20 required)
Yet another generic social board, no factions allowed.
42495/4 12:30AM
The Mushroom Kingdom (Level 38 required)
1617975/4 12:03AM
The Porch (Level 20 required)
Just a generic social board, no factions allowed.
13474/27 7:52PM
The Sacred Realm (Level 37 required)
Home of the Sages
1442135/3 11:03PM
Veterans (Level 31 required)
Level 31 and higher users only. No fads, polls, daily, or random posts.
33274/29 12:40PM
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