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Pokemon Sun
  Hot: How would you feel about a game having a purposefully overpowered rival?
15.7K 364K 14 seconds ago14s
Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire - Trading
  Hot: Return to the Dream World - Unearthed Fossils Giveaway
84.2K 2.48M 12 seconds ago12s
No Man's Sky
  Hot: Refunded No Mans Sky
7.93K 111K 42 seconds ago42s
Final Fantasy XV
  Hot: Would you date Iris?
34.6K 1.02M 3 seconds ago3s
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  Hot: You can now use your main's Down B in real life.
302K 5.1M 28 seconds ago28s

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The Question Mark?
  Hot: (Insert Clever Topic Title Here)! Ask Me Anything, Part 3!
163 14.9K 11 minutes ago11m
Forum Mafia
  Hot: Final Mafia Fantasy -RPG- Day 4: The Crystal Of Wind
103 22.7K 11 minutes ago11m
Golden Deer Pub
  Hot: Anyone want to talk about Ace Attorney?
29 197 30 minutes ago30m
Another Meeting Place
  Simply AMP.
27 769 12 minutes ago12m
The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 8/20-8/26 General Discussion Thread
22 3.02K 3 minutes ago3m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: How do you think gamers back in the 90s would react to today's shoddy practices?
171K 3.42M 1 minute ago1m
Xbox One
  Hot: Forza 6 free, hurry up
104K 1.91M 9 seconds ago9s
Wii U
  Hot: At what point can we call Nintendo's newer platformers collect-a-thons?
155K 3.14M 23 seconds ago23s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Time for a boycott? Gamestop refused to carry Gal*Gun in the US
104K 1.78M 20 seconds ago20s
  Hot: Madden or deus ex?
102K 1.62M 9 seconds ago9s

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